When Can A Baby Go In A Baby Swing

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Baby Swing
We moms get so worried and stressed out when it comes to our babies, especially moms that are having their first child. We see our babies as golden eggs that if absolute care is not taken, “squash” our egg is broken. This is a natural phenomenon. Of course it is not easy to carry another living thing in your sexy belly for 9 good months, enduring the pains and fatigues associated with it. But regardless of that known fact, we are humans and in one point in time, we are going to need some rest. To be completely forthright, we become weary of carrying our delightful babies on our hand or back. What’s more, simply wish they will quit whining and crying when you put them down or even nod off.

Well, it would appear that somebody who had an awesome love for parenthood, had sat down and thought of an approach to ease mother and child stress, which later prompted the manufacture of swing for babies. Baby swings are a seat of a swing for infants and toddlers, to keep them calm and stop them from fussing and crying. You might be wondering if these swing for babies are safe if your baby will get hurt and so on. But trust me! You just have to take a chill pill and don’t join your baby to fuss because whoever invented the baby swing had you all moms’ best interest at heart. All you have to do is make sure whichever baby swing you buy is a valuable one. Baby swings give fussy babies the motion they crave to be calm.



1. We have different types of swings, the standard swing, cradle swing and travel swing. The standard swing is a cushioned seat dangling from a frame that swings front-to-back while cradle swings can rock the baby from side-to-side.
2. Baby swings all have adjustable speed to accommodate babies’ choice. You can set the swing to a fast or slow pace to rock your baby. It all depends on the situation.
3. The most punctual sorts of baby swings don’t ensure a protected strategy for the infant since there is no control on the swing’s movement. It is suspended seat and switches as an afterthought.
4. The first battery-operated electric baby swing was made to entertain the baby. Harold Kosoff, the inventor worked on his inventions while his son was playing with it.



You might be wondering if your baby is too young for the swing, well, if your baby can support his/her head enough and not slump to much in the seat, then your baby can go in a baby swing, even newborn babies that are up to 3weeks old can go in also.
But everyone outgrows one or two things and babies definitely outgrow the swing. Your baby should be able to give up the swing at the age of 6months. It may appear to be too soon, yet at this age, they will begin to investigate more exercises that will require them on the floor. At that age, they should start to get ready for crawling and walking, playing with toys on the floor and the rest.



Everything has got its disadvantage regardless of its advantage, and the baby swing is not an exception. Yes, we all know you moms really need a moment of silence for yourself badly but let us not forget our babies’ safety is our utmost priority. So here are things you should always try to remember when you unknowingly get engrossed in your world of peace.

1. Do not let your baby fall asleep in the swing for extended period of time especially when your baby is not supervised. Not to get you all worked up but its just not safe. Also, The American Academy of Pediatrics discharged new rules in 2011 which prompted guardians to abstain from utilizing baby swings as tranquilizers.
As indicated by them, sitting upright for significant lots of time can make it difficult for infants to inhale well and that can prompt an expanded danger of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). For these reasons, its best you don’t let your baby sleep in the swing at night or for a long time. Telling you these doesn’t mean baby swing is totally unsafe, but just to clear any ignorance and make you aware of both good and bad part.

2. As the saying goes, “Too much of everything is not good”, therefore too much of using the swing can lead to problems. We adults get addicted or accustomed to a particular thing when we realize it gives us the soothing relief we so much crave for. Take for example, to our ladies in particular, when you begin to take painkillers whenever you are having menstrual cramps and it keeps working, we just get used the drug and forget the side effects it can cause (heartburn,, ulcer symptoms, etc) not to talk of innocent babies who are unaware of the dangers associated with their comfort and are known for easily attaching to someone or something. Always using the swing to rock the baby to sleep, or calm him/her down might turn out to be a habit for your baby and when it finally turns out to be a habit, you won’t settle for anything less if it’s not the baby swing.

3. Most times, these swings deprive them of their development. Giving them space and time to develop their mind and body naturally help them to regulate themselves, always keeping them in the swings will limit their movement and there is a tendency that your baby might have his first walk late or even the crawling.


There several ways you can stop your baby from always using the swing, its not possible to achieve it in one day. It is a gradual process but at the long run, it will still be achieved.
1. Always try to create a calm environment in the bedroom.
2. Practice napping in the crib instead of the swing.
3. Swaddle your baby and always rub his/her back till he/she nods off

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