10 Baby Shower Present Ideas For Moms 2021

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Knowing what to buy for baby shower present can be confusing, especially if you’re not a parent or if it’s been a while since you’ve had babies of your own. Because let’s face it, the baby market is flooded with tons of useless products and gadgets that new moms simply don’t need.

If you want to give a useful present, these 10 baby shower present ideas will be much appreciated by mommy and baby alike: Here are some awesome baby gifts for first-time parents.

10 Baby Shower Present Ideas For Moms

#1 – Diapers
Every new baby is going to need diapers, and parents have a tendency to run out of them at the most inopportune times. Find out if the baby will have a certain type of diaper (ie disposable, cloth, etc), then stock up on them. You might want to get a variety of sizes since babies tend to grow very quickly in the first few months.

Also, most stores will allow parents to exchange diaper sizes, provided the package is unopened. So while diaper cakes are super cute, it’s probably a better idea to leave the diapers as they came.

#2 – Burp Cloths
Another necessity for every baby, burp cloths are a much welcomed item to have in any nursery. Parents will appreciate being to salvage their clothing when the baby spits up. Using real burp cloths as opposed to a washcloth or towel ensures you always have something soft and gentle to wipe baby’s mouth with.

#3 – Baby Clothes
It’s not the most original idea, but bringing baby clothes to a shower ensures you’re giving the baby something useful. However, you probably want to avoid buying newborn sizes, as babies will likely outgrow them within their first few weeks of life.

Instead, it’s more prudent to buy a couple of bigger sizes that the baby can grow into. Growth spurts happen without warning, so parents will be glad to have a few larger sizes in the closet at all times.

#4 – Travel Changing Pad
Any parent who has ever tried to change their baby’s diaper in a dirty restroom know the struggle of trying to keep the diaper change as germ-free as possible. no parent wants to lay their baby down on a dirty changing table, so consider purchasing a travel changing pad that parents can keep in the diaper bag.

Another alternative is to purchase a travel changing carrier. This is slimmer than a typical diaper bag, but contains pockets to store a couple diapers, a small pack of wipes, diaper cream, and other small necessities. The carrier folds out into a full size changing mat, so parents don’t have to Lug the entire diaper bag into the restroom every time the baby needs a diaper.

#5- Hooded Bath Towel
A hooded bath towel can help keep the baby warm after he or she gets out of the water while waiting for mom or dad to dress them. The hood will protect baby’s bald head from getting too cold.

You can find hooded bath towels in a variety of animals, characters, and other whimsical designs to give baby yet another reason to love bath time.

#6 – Health Care Kits
Parents don’t always think of everything they need to take care of their babies health until the time comes when they need something important. Consider putting together a health care kit that includes a thermometer, soft hair brush, bulb syringe, tweezers, nail clippers, and other necessities. You can usually find pre-made kits in stores that contain most of these items, which can be cheaper than buying each item individually.

Just make sure that the healthcare items you buy are specifically made for babies. Adult items are not made for tiny bodies, and you want to ensure the baby’s safety while using these items at all times.

#7 – A Noise Machine
Placing a noise machine in the baby’s nursery may help the baby to sleep better without being disturbed. These machines use a variety of sounds, from rain and thunder to ocean waves, so that other noises inside and outside the house aren’t as easily heard.

#8 – Silicone Teether
If you’re at a loss on what to buy for baby shower present, silicone teethers will be every baby’s best friend for several months during their first year. These teethers give babies something tough, durable, and safe to chew while teething. They’re easily washed, portable, and can be placed in the freezer to cool sore gums.

#9 – A Mom-to-Be Pampering Session
Baby shower gifts don’t have to be all about the baby. New moms-to-be need some love, too, and will greatly appreciate a little “me” time before the baby arrives.

Treat the mom-to-be with a trip to the nail salon or spa. A prenatal massage can help to relieve stress and soreness and allow the mom to relax. Or, a manicure or pedicure can allow mom to focus on herself and feel refreshed.

#10 – An Amazon Prime Subscription
A non-traditional baby shower gift that every new mom can appreciate is a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime. Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program allows parents to save up to 20% on diapers, plus they’re delivered for free straight to their door. They can also take advantage of free two-day shipping on other necessities for baby (and themselves).

Since Amazon Prime is such a widely used service, ask the new mom if she already has a subscription. If so, you might purchase an Amazon gift card in the same amount of a subscription so she can redeem it at a later time. These are some awesome baby gifts for first time parents and you can find the best baby gifts on amazon

Shower Mom and Baby with Love
Any of the above baby shower present ideas are useful to new moms, but the most important gift is simply showing your support. Remember, instead of a gift you can always offer to provide a service once the baby arrives, such as bringing a meal, cleaning house, or giving mom a break while she gets some much-needed rest. And when in doubt, just ask what mommy and baby need. It’s always good to know that your gift will be well received.

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