7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Baby Monitor

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Baby Monitor

Many parents feel relaxed knowing fully well they can easily put on their baby monitors to track their baby’s actions and environment. Monitors are a great baby’s gadget that every parent needs especially when they’re away from the baby’s bedroom or nursery.

Today, there are several options to be had when it comes to buying monitors. From digital baby monitors to analog baby monitors, from video monitors, to audio ones. Y

ou can simply get anyone based on your choice and preference. But don’t go hastily about it as it doesn’t work that way.

When planning on getting a baby monitor for your child, there are several things to consider.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Baby Monitor

In this article, we have compiled all the list of the most essential things to look out for in a baby monitor. Here are the 7 things to consider before purchasing baby monitor:

1. The Type of The Monitor

Monitors come in different types such as digital and analog monitors. As for the analog model, it’s vulnerable to signal interception and interference.

This means two things: one, it can easily be accessed by an unauthorized observer, and two, there is a high chance of interference from other wireless devices (such as wireless toys, radar, microwave oven, etc.)within your area.

This can be very dangerous for your baby’s security as all the audio and video feeds of your monitors will be easily accessible to your neighbor using the same device as yours.

On the other hand, the digital models are by far better in terms of signal interference or interception.

This is so as they’re built with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) – an audio wireless system that makes them highly resistant to interference. Plus, they offer a range of about 300m.

Hence, to avoid having interference or interception of your audio and video signal, you should consider buying a model designed with feature such DECT and encryption functionality. This will help ensure none of your signals would be accessible to any unauthorized observer.

2. The Range of The Monitor

Since all monitors are wireless and their range differs, it’s very important that you consider the capability of your chosen monitor before buying it.

This is especially necessary for parents living in a large home, where the possibility of being in the same room with their baby always is nothing to guarantee.

Or if you have to step out of the room to the kitchen, and you need to carry your monitor with you, it’s important it has an extended range capability.

3. Do You Need Audio, Video or Both?

This is another factor to consider, and in that, you need to decide on whether you’re to go for a model with audio-only, or one with video or both.

An audio monitor leaves you with only the option of listening to your baby’s actions and noise. But video monitor comes with an array of options such as camera, night vision images, etc.

However, the video monitor tends to be more expensive than the audio-only model. And, if you’re even considering buying a model that combines the two functions (audio and video), you must be prepared to pay a higher price.

4. The Size of The Monitor

A portable monitor is most ideal for a busy mom who loves moving around doing her day-to-day chores.

If your monitor isn’t portable with the receiver, such that you can move around with it comfortably, while carrying it in your pocket or having it attached to your bet, then you’d be limited in how far you can monitor your child within the home.

5. The Signal Frequency

Here two things come into a play: the range capability and the signal frequency. And for a monitor to have a great range capability, the signal frequency needs to be great or high as well.

With the advancement in technology, the issue of poor range capability, which normally leads to interference with the baby, is no more a threat.

In the latest monitors, what is now obtainable is a frequency in the range of gigahertz as against the old megahertz.

6. The Price

Price is another factor to consider when buying a baby monitor. Depending on the functions involved in your monitor, prices of monitor do vary.

If you’re to go for a monitor with an audio function, the price tends to be lesser as against the one that has both audio and video functions.

In short, the more function a monitor has, the more price you should expect to pay.

7. Multiple Receiver and Transmitter Units

With the transmitter in your baby’s bedroom, you need extra handset receiver to carry around when you’re not in your room with the monitor.

When you have a model that comes with these multiple handset receivers, it allows you to have spare for different rooms other than your bedroom. Moreso, this can help you out a lot when one receiver is running out of juice.

Just as with the receiver unit, you should also consider going for a monitor with multiple receivers.

This will help you when you need a back-up or when something happens to any one of them or if you have to dedicate a spare of the receiver to separate rooms besides the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

So you’re ready to go ahead and buy your baby monitor. First, there are some things you need to consider.

One of such things is to decide whether you need an audio-only monitor, which ensures you can always listen to your child whenever she needs anything or makes a noise.

Or audio plus video monitor which offers you a wide range of functions such as camera, varying screen display sizes, and many more. This will allow you to listen and watch your baby’s actions and the environment when you’re outside her room.

Also, there are other key features to look out for in a baby monitor. These include high frequency, extended range capability, multiple handset transmitter and receiver, security, portability, battery level indicator and DECT technology, and many more

At this, you’re well-equipped with all the requisite information that you’ll ever need to buy the best monitor on the market.

As you’ve already been told, prices of monitor vary with the functions they offer. If you need something less expensive, then you should consider buying an audio-only model.

But if you think you’re financially buoyant and need something that offers multiple functions, then video plus audio model is the right model for you.

Above all, don’t forget to keep these 7 things listed above handy when looking for the best baby monitor to buy for your little ones.

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