Automatic Baby Swing

Automatic Baby Swing

In this day and age why buy a manual baby swing when you can have everything run automatic? They soothe babies to sleep and it’s easier for parents.

When you get an automatic swing for your baby you simply pop the little one in the unit, set it running and sit back and relax.

The baby has a great time and the parents get some rest time too. The swings are safe and secure, all new units have five point harnesses.

Many parents have stated that they are a real life saver, babies that suffer from colic and find it hard to get to sleep seem to love them.

Of course for the swing to be automatic they have to be powered by either batteries or through an ac adaptor.

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Automatic Baby Swing

Some of the swings can be used indoors and outdoors, they differ in size and weight and some are portable and others can’t be moved at all when set up.

The top 5 baby swings that run on auto pilot are:

  1. Graco Abbington Simple Sway Swing
  2. Ingenuity Fanciful Forest Portable Swing
  3. Fisher Price Snugapuppy Dreams Swing
  4. 4moms Mamaroo Bluetooth Baby Swing
  5. Graco Josephine Everyway Soother

The swings range in price from $50 to $150. They differ greatly in functions and modes, as outlined below.

Automatic Baby Swing Reviews

We have taken the time to test and review the top two baby swings that are automatic.

Our guide will help you decide which one is the best to buy for your little one.

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#1 Graco Abbington Simple Sway Swing

Graco Abbington Simple Sway Swing automatic

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Some automatic swings are powered by batteries only, powered by ac adaptors only or powered by both. This one is plug in only, which is a lot cheaper to run and less hassle than changing batteries over all the time.

If you have a fussy baby that struggles a lot to get to sleep then this swing will be a big change in the little ones life, and yours too.

It takes up a fair amount of floor space but is most definitely not the biggest on the market right now.

The steel frame is very strong and robust, combined with the 5 point harness ensures your babies safety at all times.

Many swings have a hard seating area, not this one, the area is really well padded and very comfortable.

The machine is operated from a panel at the top, which means you do not have to bend down to get it started.

The swing can operate at 2 different vibration speeds and swings in a side by side motion.

When the swing is in full motion it is a little louder than others, but that’s nothing to worry about at all.

To find out more about the swing go here.

Top tip: you can always keep an eye on your baby using the swing with a long range baby monitor with cameras included.

Take a look at the video below to see the swing in full action:

#2 Ingenuity Fanciful Forest Portable Swing

Ingenuity Fanciful Forest Portable Swing automatic

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We had to include an automatic portable swing, it’s small and very light and is just perfect to take travelling or for use in a small home.

The legs have rubber on then to ensure the swing does not skid when used on hard floors without carpeting.

Many swings are not perfect for newborn babies to use as they don’t have the needed head support, this one does and is perfect for newborns.

All of the fabrics used are soft and can be removed for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

This swing has extra comfort features, the harness is covered in soft fabric too unlike other models out there.

Being portable it runs on batteries only, it can’t be run automatic on an ac adaptor, so can be expensive to keep going. Is a good idea to buy rechargeable batteries for this one.

The swing plays music and has an entertainment unit of soft toys swinging above the babies head to keep them happy and amused.

Many parents say it is a secret weapon to get babies to sleep, yes they really do work and are very powerful.

To discover more details about the swing click here.

If you are a parent without a baby swing then we highly recommend that you get one, they make life with a baby so much easier and that is priceless.

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For more information about the swing take a look at the video below:

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As always, if you have a questions about any of the automatic baby swings send us an email or leave us a comment below. We are happy to help any time.

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