the bathtub collection for 6 month old babies

Best Bathtub for 6-Month-Old Babies [2021]

Picking up a bathtub for a 6-month-old baby can be exciting and confusing at the same time. If it’s about your first baby, then you must read the article to the end as it will cover all of your queries and provide you adequate knowledge about your baby’s first bathtub.

Being a parent is not a piece of cake. However, it’s a feeling beyond the words. You feel happy, excited, and confused at the same time. In this beautiful journey of parenthood, you must have gone through various challenges from the time your baby is born till the time that he is now six months old.

At this age, you must be very conscious about the bathtub that you must choose to make him enjoy his bath time. Therefore, today, we will be focusing on multiple bathtubs that you can choose from in order to give your baby the comfort and enjoyment that he wants. 

List of Best Baby Bathtubs for Six-Month-Old Baby  

Best Baby Bathtubs for Six-Month-Old Baby

Following is a list of bathtubs that you can choose from for your little one:

1.Munchkin | Portable Bathtub for Babies 6 to 12 Months Old

This is the best portable bathtub for babies up to 12 months old

This small soaking tub is intended to keep babies in an upstanding situation during bath time, so they’re free from any danger. The Munchkin soak baby bathtub includes an underlying help knock, a cushioned backrest, and a handle for simple hanging and can be utilized as an independent tub or in a standard tub or sink.

In addition to this, you will love the choice to top the water level off higher than many baby bathtubs, keeping your little one warm and having a sense of safety. Although this tub can work for infants, we favor it for babies who are beginning to sit up all alone.


  • Small size
  • Portable design


  • Not good for newborns

2. Boon SOAK | The Bathtub with Adjustable Bump

Most ergonomic bathtub for infants

With a shaped back and movable and removable base knock, you’ll have the option to situate the baby so easily in this tub, he’ll never need to get out. It is a totally charming and very much planned item for your baby. It is extraordinary how smaller it is.

The amazing shape permits you to utilize this tub from birth by controlling the situation of the tub with support on the base. Also, because of the coordinated attachment that changes shading when the water temperature transforms, you’ll generally know the water temperature is perfect.

Guardians report that with fewer little hiding spots, this tub is one of the simpler ones to keep clean. It fits in most twofold sinks and works in tubs, as well. The Boon is appropriate for newborns and is suggested for use until a year and a half. 

This bathtub is appropriate for the infant, baby, and little child stages. It accompanied a flexible knock and formed back, which should help your baby stay propped up. The back is made of nonslip froth to help hold your baby set up.

This bathtub fits in most twofold sinks. However, you can likewise utilize it in a customary bathtub or on the counter. The channel plug serves as a shading changing temperature measure to assist you with finding out about how warm the water is.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • The tub is made without PVC

3. Summer | Sit-up Bath Seat for 6 Month Old

This is the best bath seat for babies up to 1 year old

Bath seats are an incredible alternative for babies recently changing to the normal tub. They give more seasoned babies a protected spot in the bath, opening up your hands for scouring. This one has three solid arms for 360° of help and a high backrest that keeps your little one free from any danger. Pull cups on every one of the arms keep the seat stable while likewise making it simple to eliminate. 

If you are searching for a bath seat and your baby is a half year in addition to then this one is the most awesome aspect of all others. Over a half year, it works the very best and is protected. For a little baby, like a half year or some huge, wellbeing is the main goal in light of the fact that the baby is too little and needs more consideration and solace.

This seat gives security as well as an agreeable seat to your baby. The hand plan of this bath seat permits you to utilize both of your hands for bathing the baby. Try not to let your baby be, and consistently keep one hand on your baby in any event when sitting at a seat in the bathtub. This bath seat is made for babies from 5 to 10 months and turns out consummately for half-year-old babies.


  • Hand-free design
  • Provides amazing protection


  • Baby can’t roam around freely

4. Juberm | The Best Inflatable Non-Slip Bathtub

6 month old infant inflatable bathtub

It is an extraordinary answer to spend bright days on your terrace. Gauging two pounds, it is effectively compact any place you go, in any event, outdoors, or remaining at your companion’s home. It has a keen plan with a finished base that keeps your baby from slipping, yet additionally, it has a plugin in the tub, so no youngster goes under the water.

This tub is loaded up with unique highlights and promotions like helpful channel plug, joined snare to hang and simple dry, free vacuum apparatus, side pockets for baby care items, towels, and surprisingly your own telephone.


  • Drainage plug
  • Free air pump


  • The drainage plug is hard to put in and out

5. Summer Clean Rinse | Safest Bathtub for a 6 Month Old

the safest and non-slip bathtub for 6 month old baby

This is the Baby Bather that you can use to bathe your baby at 3 different positions. These different positions have their own benefits. For instance, when you bathe your baby on the ledge, you are all the more near your baby, and he stays in your entrance without any problem. This makes bathing safe and bother-free.

The cleanser water streams effectively from this bather into your sink. The plan is made amazing to the point that your bather consistently remains cleanser-free. The 3-Position lean-back makes it much agreeable for your half-year baby. For putting away, it very well may be collapsed level.

This is the bather that will develop with your baby, i.e., it will work for quite a while until your baby can sit unassisted. This is really not a bathtub or a seat but rather a total bather. You can’t store water in it like a tub yet can utilize it to bathe your baby without any problem.


  • It has three different positions
  • It has a soft material


  • The crotch part can be harmful to children

6. Disney Princess | Ideal Bathtub for Babies 6 to 8 Months Old

most durable baby bathtub from Disney

The Disney Princess Inflatable Safety Bathtub includes an air-padded, nonslip finished surface. There’s a water temperature show to assist you with picking a protected temperature for your little one. To make bath time simpler, there are pockets for putting away cleanser and cleanser, as well.

You can take the tub with you when you travel with your baby. It effectively collapses for capacity and can be re-inflated effectively also. Simply flush off the tub when your baby is finished with her bath, and utilize the joined snare to hang and air-dry it. 

This Disney princess bathtub is a standout amongst other baby bathtubs that are inflatable. After bathing, it tends to be flattened and hanged through connected snares. At the point when emptied, it is not difficult to convey. You can convey it with you when heading out or going to the seashore.

In huge capacity pockets, you can put cleansers and cleansers. The nonslip finished surface makes it safe. This tub can be cleaned and dried effectively by washing and afterward hanging. Inside, an exceptionally low-spending Disney Princess gives you something that truly works for your baby. Your baby will adore it, and you will most likely think it is an absolute necessity to have a tub for each baby.


  • Easy on pocket
  • Good for traveling


  • The bottom is a bit slippery

7. Fisher-Price Whale | Most Ergonomic Bathtub on Market

Ergonomic and affordable bathtub

This charming whale character tub accompanies a comfortable, molded newborn child seat and delicate froth headrest to keep little sailors comfortable while they splish, sprinkle, and get spotless. Also, as your small one develops, so does the Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub.

You can basically eliminate the infant seat to include more space on the nonslip surface for your developing little child. The Whale of a Tub fits in many sinks and bathtubs and highlights a creative flush channel plug, so bath time is more comfortable for the baby, and cleanup is a simple task for you.

It has a shaped newborn child seat with comfortable cushioned seat back assists keep with babying from slipping and sliding. You can likewise eliminate the baby seat to add significantly more space on the nonslip surface for little child bathing. Likewise, it has a creative flush channel plug that makes the baby more agreeable and cleanup basic and quick.


  • Fast cleanup
  • Comfortable for babies


  • The seat is a bit slippery

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