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Best Infant Teething Toys for 3 Months Old 2021 | Infant Stuff Reviews

Teething is one of the most exciting times for both infants and their parents. Infants from the age of 3 months start erupting their teeth slowly and they try to put anything in their mouth that they find around them. Tooth eruption on the other hand also accompanies discomfort and fussiness for babies. This is where right teething toys play a great role in soothing irritated gums. In this buying guide, we will help you choose the best infant teething toys for 3 months old in a go.

Best infant teething toys for 3 month old

What are Infant Teething Toys and Why You Need Them?

Teething toys are BPA-free chewing toys specifically meant for babies who are about 3 months of age and will soon be gifted with their first tooth. High-quality infant teething help babies soothe the irritation and discomfort in the gums.

Modern baby teething toys use Ice Gel technology that helps in creating a cooling effect on little gums. When a baby chews a teether toy, it gives more relief to the baby against the irritation and discomfort caused by erupting tooth.

Things to Consider Before Picking Teething Toys for 3 Months Old

Before we list some of the highly-rated teething toys for infants, here are some important factors to know before shopping. With the arrival of new technology, there are many styles and types of teether toys available in the market.


In the good old days, ring teether was enough to cool down the pain of erupting tooth. But now you will find teethers in a variety of types from toothbrushes, gels, and in the form of toys. No matter which type of teether you choose for your baby, just don’t go for the teethers that are made up of beads, amber, or necklace. FDA has clearly mentioned those beads, amber, and necklace teether completely unsafe for little ones.


Teether toys are available in different materials from BPA-free plastic, silicone, soft cloth, and wood. Some babies prefer chewing soft materials while others love hard and bumpy textures.

Washable & BPA-Free

Always opt for the teething toys that can be easily washed after use. Make sure that the teething toys that you are buying for your infant are made up of BPA-free plastic materials.


Of course, when you are buying teether for infants you have to rely on durability. You don’t want to end up replacing a teether every month. Always look out for branded teether made up of silicone, rubber, or wood that won’t break into pieces.


Teethers are affordable and cheaper in price as compared to regular baby toys. You won’t have to throw large piles of cash to buy a teether for 3 months old. An infant teether under $10 can do your job easily.

Best Infant Teething Toys for 3 Months Old

best infant teething toys for 3 months old babies

Here are some of the most highly rated infant teething toys in the market.

1. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle | Best Overall Teether Toy for Infants

Top infants toys for 3 months old

It would not be wrong to say that Manhattan Toy Teether is one of the best toys to offer a 3 months old baby. Vibrant colors and rattling sound make this teether an attention grabber for little hands. We are quite sure that your baby will distract from the pain of irritated gums and chew this all day long.

Made up of BPA-free plastic, this teething toy makes up a great gift for little ones as they start erupting new teeth. The colorful interconnected tubes and a central dice with rattling sound to keep infants busy.

2. Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez | Best Teething Toy While Traveling

Best travel teething toy for infants

If you are a traveller mom and need a teething toy for your baby while you hit the road, then Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez might be your final bet. This compact and easy to carry teether for infants comes under $5 price tag and is BPA-free. The toy comes with a hygeinic carrying case to pack and take it anywhere you want.

3. Green Sprouts Fruit Cool Soothing | The Best Freezable Teether to Get

Freeable teether for baby age 3 month

One one of the best freezable teether for little hands to hold and chew on. Made up of BPA free plastic, this infant teether provides extra comfort to the baby gums as they chew it. To increase the soothing effect, you can put this teether in the fridge for a short time and then give it your baby. It’s compact, easy to hold and clean.

4. Nuby Nananubs Banana | Best Massaging Toothbrush for Infants

best massafe infant tooth brush for irritated gums

It’s time to let your baby stay fit from the early stage of their life. These adorable banana teething toys serve as a teether and a toothbrush for infants. The toothbrush comes with soft silicone bristles to thoroughly clean the baby’s mouth. Little ones can hold this toy from the peel and use it as a regular teether to soothe sore gums.

5. Green Toys Twist Teether Toy

Easy to carry infant teether toys

It is the time to shake, rattle and chew with the Green Toys Twist Teether. This can be used as a toy or teether, both. This three dimensional lightwieght teether stimulates the visual senses of baby apart from soothing gums. It is made up of 100% baby safe recycled materials and easily be cleaned after use. Furthermore, it is easy to dry, rattle and teether.

6. The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn | Best Vibrating Teether for Infants

top massage teether toys

This innovative and cute looking infant teething toy acts as a soother and a massager for your little one. As soon as the baby chews that soft rubber surface, the sensor activates and it gently vibrates to massage sore gums.

This baby corn toy acts in two ways, first it soothes the gums with its gentle vibration and second, it makes the baby learn about the cause and effect relationship. We bet your little one will definitely love this vibrating teether and chew it all day long.

7. Vulli Sophie The Giraffe | Best Baby Teether for the Budget

Our search for the best infant teething toys for 3 months old compelled us to include this adorable Giraffe on our list. Though it looks like a big toy, it isn’t out of the reach of little hands. Indeed, it is one of the most popular teething toys for infants in the market now a days.

Made up of BPA-free plastic, Sophie gives the ultimate relief to the gums of teething babies. The toys squeak upon holding that grabs the attention of little ones and they put it in the mouth.

We highly recommend these teething toys for newborn babies. It is super easy to clean, just make sure that the water doesn’t get in the squeaky hole as you wash it.

8. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys | Best Cooling Teether for 3 Months Old Infants

infants 3 months old Cooling teething toy

Babies love the cooling effect of teether on their gums. Nuby Ice Gel Teether comes with different colored keys that can be cooled in a fridge for extra comfort on baby gums. This teether not only provides icy relief to gums but also promotes hand to eye coordination in babies. The top of Nube keys is constructed with a soft textured material that assists in fast tooth eruption.

This teether is BPA-free and must only be put in the fridge, not the freezers before you give it to infants. Nuby Ice Gel Teether is the best combo of exercise for hands, gums, and teeth on one spot. You can easily wash this teether with soap or water after use.

9. Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder

chewing toys for infants 3 months of age

Silicone feeders are highly recommended for infants 3 months of age or up. Feeders like these serve as a dual purpose for teething babies. Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder teaches a baby how to chew and mash food at the same time.

Parents can put mashed icy fruits and vegetables inside the feeder which will provide relief to the achy gums of the baby. Moreover, the baby will come to know about different flavors of fruits and vegetables.

Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder is easy to clean due to its simple and easy to use design. It is made up of BPA-free plastic, so it is completely safe for infants to interact with. The long handle at the bottom makes it easier for infants to hold the feeder without any problem.

10. Calmies Teether for Babies | Best Natural Infant Teether in Marker

the best natural teether for infants and babies

For the parents who are more concerned about the use of safe materials in the baby teething products, this one is made specially for them. Made up of plant based rubber, Calmies Teether cares more about your little ones than any other brand in the market.

The teether gives more control to infants as it has multiple spots for little hands to hold on to. For 3 months old infants, this natural teether makes up a perfect toy for the early days. However, the plant-based rubber teether does have an intense smell once they get wet.

Final Lines

Teethers are essentials for infants who are 3 months old and up. Teething is a difficult time for babies and you can help them by finding the right teether during the tooth eruption to keep them busy. Finally, these were some of the best infant teething toys we have to offer for 3 months old babies. Let us know which one of them do you prefer for your little ones in the comment section.

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