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Best Presents for 1 Year Old Girl [2021] | Infant Stuff Reviews

Finding the best present for 1 year old girl at a birthday party or Christmas is a bit challenging. We went through the suggestion of experts and parents and prepared a buying guide to ease off your buying decision. In this guide, you will find some of the best gift ideas and toys for one year old girls.

The Best Presents for 1 Year Old Girl

Best Presents for 1 Year Old Girl for any event

Here are some of our top picks that can be gifted on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas to a 12 months old girl.

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

best presents for girls 1 year old

For a 12 months old girl, a smart purse like this can make up the best birthday present ever. Fisher-Price My Smart Purse triggers imaginative play in little ones. She will love doing what her mama does every day.

The purse comes with her own credit card, rattling cell phone, mirror and a bracelet. Sliding the zipper, pressing the buttons activates lovely songs and phrases to keep your little girl busy all day. The Smart Purse from Fisher-Price is fun and learning at the same time.

This toy triggers imaginative play in kids and increases verbal skills at an early age. Smart Purse is made up of durable quality materials, so they will at least grow up with your little girl. It is easier to clean and all the pieces fit perfectly inside the purse to carry it anywhere.

2. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

perfect gift for 1 year old baby girl

There couldn’t be a better present for a 12 month than buying her a tricycle. Radio Flyer Triker will benefit her through the initial stages of her life. Parents can use it as a stroller once they are out for an evening walk.

Once the baby gets confident to pedal on her own, parents can take off the extra accessories. The important accessories include a UV canopy, headrest, seat belt, footrest, etc. The UV canopy protects the little one from the sun. Parents can easily control this Trike with the help of a push handle.

Your 1 year old girl will surely love this stroller on her first birthday or Christmas.

3. Baby Balance Bike for 1 Year Old Girl

Safe Riding Toys for 1 Year Old Girl

Balance bike makes up the perfect gift for a 1 year old as she is about to start her toddler life. Balance bike help in strengthening the leg muscles and motor skills. This push bike for 1 year old kids is designed especially to improve balance and coordination.

You can offer this present to 1 year old boys and girls on their first birthday. You little girl can easily learn how to balance herself without the support of her parents on this bike. Once she learns how to balance herself on this bicycle, you can buy her a tricycle later on.

4. Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

best doll gifts for 12 months old girl

Every little girl needs the company of a good friend. Well, your 1 year old girl will surely love the company of this plush doll from Baby Starters. Its soft and comfy feel will make the little one hug and cuddle it all day long. This plush doll will be her partner during the day and at bedtime.

The doll is machine washable, so parents can easily wash it with mild detergent in the washing machine.

5. Playkidz Super Durable Pound A Ball Great 

Great Birthday Gift for girl first birthday

One of the best toys for 1 year old girl to boost STEM skills. Little hands will need to slam the colored balls on the top of the rail with the help of hammer. Once she hits the ball, it will travel down from the top to the botoom of the rail.

This helps on developing STEM skills and understanding the cause/effect relationship among kids. Moreover, it helps in hand-eye coordination in kids while having fun. The hammer is light in weight and poses no threat to little hands upon impact.

6. Aurora World Baby Talk My Forest Friends

Fun toy and gift for girls

Girls love stuffed animals as they are adorable and easy to carry anwhere they want. These 4 forest animals not only trigger imaginative play but also serve as best bed buddies for little ones. This could be one of the best presents for 1 year old girl that you can gift on a birthday or any other event.

You can store these 4 adorable stuffed toys for girls in the plush cabin and carry them anywhere you want. Each stuffed animal makes different noises to grab the attention of your 1 year old girl. The smaller sized animals are quite easier to grab and hold on for little hands.

7. Flora The Bunny Stuffed Toy for Girls

perfect bunny gift for 1 year old girl

Looking to find a best friend for your little girl on her first birthday? Well, your little one will be amazed to see this bunny as a present on her coming birthday. The little ones can listen to different songs and phrases by touching his paws.

While playing and singing songs, Bunny covers move his ears to grab the attention of your little girl. Flora the Bunny makes up a perfect toy for bedtime cuddles. This is one of the sweetest presents for a 1 year old girl on her birthday.

8. Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

The best present to give a one year old girl

Little ones love interacting with gadgets these days. So there couldn’t be a better gift for them other than this Leaptop from Leapfrog. This pink color toy laptop is specially designed for toddler girls.

Your little girl will learn about the basic words and numbers by interacting with chunky buttons on this laptop. Apart from that, listening to songs and phrases will help your 1 year old in developing her verbal skills in a short time.

You can also attach this laptop with a computer and program it the way your kid loves it. The leaptop is made up of durable material and BPA-free plastic. Little hands can easily carry it anywhere they want without any problem.

9. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack for Girls

best gift ideas for 12 month old girls on their first birthday or christmas

Little girls love to store their toys and gadgets in a safe place. So buying your 1 year old girl a present that helps her carry her toys and stuff would be a great idea. This cute looking backpack will keep her things safe while she goes out for a walk with mom and dad.

Skip Hop Backpack comes with an expandable mesh to carry feeders or drinks. With adjustable straps and a lot of space to carry her favorite things, it’s the time to go out with mom and dad on a picnic. This backpack is the most perfect present for a 1 year old girl in the market.

10. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Top gifts for toddler girls age 1 year

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning walker offers so much fun and learning on a single platform. This is one of the most prefered gifts we highly recommend for 1 year old girls. The sit to stand walker allows your kid to learn from the ground and then gives her enough comfidence to take her first tiny steps.

You can remove the front panel that has a lot of features to keep your little busy all day long. The colorful shape sorters, piano buttons, and spinning rollers help in boosting creativity and motor skills in toddlers. It also has a pretend telephone set for toddlers to enhance role-play skills.

The walker features over 70 sing-along songs and phrases to promote early learning in kids. Once your little one gets tired of smashing buttons on the ground, you can attach the panel back to the walker and help her stand on her feet and push the walker.


What should I get my 1 year old for her birthday?

Well, there are a lot of toys and presents to gift your little girl on her first birthday. You can choose from the list below

  • Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker
  • Fisher-Price Smart Purse
  • Plush Doll
  • Stuffed Bunny
  • Radio Flyer Trike

What should I get my 1 year old granddaughter for her birthday?

For her first birthday, we highly recommend toys or gifts that help her refine her motor skills while having fun. You can gift her a Trike or a sit to stand walker. As she is turning 1 year old, these will help her stand on her feet and take those tiny steps in no time.

Is there one gift that will be perfect for every one-year-old girl?

Every little girl has her own taste when it comes to gifts and toys, however, there are few things that are common among kids. The perfect gift for every one year old girl will be either a stuffed bunny, doll or a book that she can carry anywhere she wants. Kids love hearing about stories, so you can buy a storybook with pictures.

The Final Lines

Finally, we hope you will have a good idea by going through our list of best presents for 1 year old girl. All of these presents and toys for 12 months old girls are recommended by experts and parents who have reviewed and tested them. Let us know which one of these presents your little girl loved the most. Leave us a comment down below.

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