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Best Developmental Toys for 9-Month-Old Babies [2021]

Having the best developmental toys for your 9-month-old baby can be a great idea to promote fun and learning at the same time. At the age of nine months, kids are moving, eating, communicating, and want to explore the world around them.

Therefore, the developmental toys that encourage babies to move and explore the world through their senses play a great role at this early age. Child experts highly recommend toys that promote visual, auditory, and cognitive development in kids.

Kids acquire many basic skills by playing and interacting with the right toys. When your 9-months-old is playing with a car, not only he learns about the car but he also learns about the cause and effect relationship as well.

Similarly, the early developmental toys that engage other kids to take part in the activity promote teamwork and social skills in kids.

American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends providing toys that promote optimal child development and contribute towards cognitive, social, and physical development in kids.

So when choosing toys that help a 9-month-old achieve educational or physical milestones, it is important to stick with toys that are safe, simple, and encourage open-ended play.

Best Developmental Toys for 9-Month-Old

Best Developmental Toys for 9-Month-Old

We’ve prepared a list of highly recommended toys for early skills development among babies.

1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Play Gym | Best Overall Developmental Toy for a 9-Month-Old

ideal developmental toys for 9 month old babies

Why We Recommend It: Easy to assemble, Easy to clean, Gross motor skills, Multiple Activities

Fisher-Price toys have always been part of our list when it comes to skills development in babies. Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym is a versatile play gym for nine-month-old babies with loads of fun.

Babies can interact with this play in multiple ways like tummy time, lay & play, and sit & play. The rattling sound of Maracas that come along with this gym adds more colors to the play.

One of the most considerable features of this play gym are the piano buttons at the bottom that make sound with the little one’s kick. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Gym boosts physical development, shape, and color recognition in kids.

Moreover, the different colors, music, and lights stimulate and engage the visual and auditory senses in babies. With all that reaching, kicking, and moving, this play gym boosts gross motor skills while having fun.

2. Play Gym by Lovevery | Best Staged-Based Development for Babies

staged-based development toys for babies

Why We Recommend It: Stage development, Tummy time, High quality, Easy to wash

We are quite obsessed with this activity mat from Lovevery that boosts cognitive development in babies. It’s a little bit different from the Fisher-Price Deluxe gym that we have reviewed above. However, Lovevery Play Gym packs all necessities to achieve the developmental milestones of your 9-month-old.

This activity mat grows along with the baby-making it a perfect staged-based development toy for little ones. From batting to teething toys, this activity play mat is equipped with all necessary stuff to ensure progressive development all the way.

Lovevery Play Gym ensures cognitive and visual development for babies up to 1-year-old. This play gym shows up as a perfect gift for little hands by all means. The only downside to this play gym is the higher price.

3. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle | Best for Sensory Development in Babies

Sensory development toys for nine month old kid

Why We Recommend It: BPA-free material, Promotes sensory development

These mesmerizing BPA-free teething tubes are truly made for little hands to grasp and chew on. The colorful teething tubes are wrapped around a dice that makes a rattling sound.

Your little one will be curious to grasp this wonderful toy as soon as you take it out of the box. Grasping, chewing, and shaking stimulates coordination and sensory development in babies.

Manhattan teething tubes can be clipped with a baby stroller while traveling to keep the little one busy. These adorable teething tubes have been appreciated and recommended by hundreds of parents all over the world.

4. Skip Hop Sloth | Bed Time Buddy for Babies

Why We Recommend It: Baby Cry Sensor, Sings lullabies, Stimulates auditory development

Adorable plush toys have always been favorite toys among kids. This cute sleepy sloth serves more than just a cuddle buddy. It sings lullabies, plays natural sounds, and records your voice as well.

It also comes with a built-in cry-activated sensor that immediately responds if the baby wakes up and cries. The slot responds in your voice recorded voice to calm down baby.

You can also attach this soft toy with a baby crib for good company. We highly recommend not to put this soft toy inside the crib, but rather attach it outside with velcro straps.

Skip Hop Sloth is made up of high-quality fabric that is easy to wash. You can easily remove the sound module before washing this toy. Check out our guide on how to wash soft toys easily at home.

5. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon | For Gross Motor Skill Development in 9-Month-Old Babies

best gross development toys for 9 month baby

Why We Recommend It: Learn to walk, Holding bar, Safe for early learners

Walker wagons like this one from Radio Flyer have proven to be most effective for gross motor development in kids. A nine-month-old is about to take his very first tiny steps, therefore, a wagon walker is ideal to give him at this stage.

Although, kids at the age of nine months are on the verge of crawling, having a walker wagon enables them to stand on their feet and take tiny steps. This strengthens the leg muscles and helps in progressive motor development in kids.

The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon comes with a safety handle that kids can hold on to while pushing the cart. It comes with a front bumper that keeps your little one safe from crashing into nearby objects.

With a sleek and classic wooden body, this push walker is easy to assemble. The walker features a spacious cart in which you can put the favorite toys of your kid. The wooden sides can be easily removed whenever you need them.

6. Aitbay Plush Elephant | Sensory Development Toy for 9-Month-Old

Toys that promote sensory development in babies

Why We Like It: Visual & Sensory Development, Lights & Music

This cute looking Elephant Toy is made of ABS non-toxic and durable materials. Just like the Sleep Sloth, the Aitbay Plush Elephant sings different songs and plays music upon touching the colorful buttons on its belly.

Aitbay Plush Elephant is full of lights and music the moment you touch any of the three buttons. The lights and music stimulate visual and sensory development in kids up to 1 year old.

7. Mini Tudou Soft Building Blocks

best chewing blocks toys for baby's development

Why We Recommend It: Soft & Chewable, Non-Toxic, Boosts gross motor and basic educational skills

Traditional blocks are excellent at boosting cognitive development in babies. Mini Tudou Building Blocks are made up of BPA-free non-toxic material and can serve as chew toys for your 9-month-old kid.

These blocks are easily chewable for 9-month-old babies who are going through the tooth eruption phase.

All of the 12 blocks are marked with animals, numbers, and alphabets to stimulate basic educational skills as your little one grows up. Moreover, these blocks also stimulate visual skills as the baby interacts with the blocks.

These soft building blocks are easy for little hands to grasp and squeeze. Upon squeezing they make a squeaky sound. This helps babies to learn about the cause/effect relationship and improves their auditory sense.

8. Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring

Toys and stack rings that boost cognitive development in 9 month old kids

Why We Recommend It: Easy Interface, BPA-free, Cheap price, Improves visual, auditory, and cognitive development

Stacking is a great activity that boosts mental development in babies over 6 months of age. These colorful stack rings can be ideal to improve hand to eye coordination among babies.

Their textured pattern makes them easier for the little hand to grasp and place the rings one above another. This not only improves cognitive growth but also helps in stimulating fine motor skills.

Lastly, the colorful beads inside the stack rings make a rattling sound as the baby interacts with them. Stack rings are one of the best developmental toys for 9-month-old babies to get under $10.

9. Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy

infant developmental toys up to 6 to 9 month old kids

Why We Recommend It: Multiple Skill Development, Easy to clean, Stimulates sense of exploration

Here we are with one of the most favorite Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toys for infants. This simple looking soft fish toy hides a lot of things that baby can discover under her bright and colorful scales.

Made up of washable fabric, this infant developmental toy helps your nine-month-old to develop multiple skills. The squeaky tail of this soft fish encourages the little one to grasp it, while the textured scales unveil hidden rewards and promote a sense of exploration.

Soft toys like these promote interaction, self-confidence, cognitive development, and caring among kids.

10. Skip Hop Baby Guitar Developmental Musical Toy

Developmental Musical Toy for babies

Why We Recommend It: Strengthens hand muscles, Refine motor skills and auditory senses

It’s time to develop the artistic skills of your baby with this beautiful Skip Hop Baby Guitar. The three buttons on the guitar play 6 different songs along with blinking lights.

For more versatility, swing the “pit” in the center of the Avocado for more 4 different guitar riffs. This baby guitar for 9-month-old babies helps in developing fine motor skills and improves auditory and visual senses.


How do I keep my 9-month-old entertained?

Well, you can keep them entertained by offering them the toys that come up with lights and sounds. Kids at the age of 9 months are quite happy to explore new things. Activity mats or play gyms with hanging soft toys can keep your baby busy all day.

How many toys should a 9 month old have?

The number of toys does not matter with the age of your baby. All you need is to provide your 9-month-old kid the appropriate toys according to his/her age. Look our what your kids love the most and offer him that toy, it’s pretty simple.

The Final Lines

Finally, we hope these developmental toys will surely boost the cognitive, sensory, and gross motor skills of your 9-month-old baby. We highly recommend going with toys that offer multiple skills development in babies like activity play mats, building blocks, and stack rings. If you have any suggestion, let us know about them in the comments section.

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