baby sleep in the crib more eaisly

How do I get my baby to sleep in the crib?

Getting your baby to sleep in the crib is one of the toughest jobs for parents. Transitioning your baby from arms to a crib is quite hard for new parents. As soon as you put your little ones in the crib, they wake up and start crying. We outreached some experienced moms in our neighborhood to find a solution to this problem. So later in this article, we will include some of the tested tips by moms to get their baby to sleep in a crib.

Although buying the best crib for your baby is an easy job, making him sleep in that crib is the tricky part. Sleeping safely is the biggest priority of kids, and cribs are one of the safest places for babies to sleep.

Babies feel more comfortable when they sleep in the hands of their parents. It is something that is gifted to them by nature. So you have to develop their habit of sleeping in a crib.

According to experts at Columbia University, to avoid any infant sleep problems, it is important to let your baby sleep in a crib or bassinet on their back for at least the first 6 months.

How to Get Your Baby Sleep in the Crib Easily

How do I get my baby to sleep in the crib?
baby sleeping in a crib

Below are some of the proven tips and techniques to let your baby sleep comfortably in a crib.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. As a parent, you have to be consistent to let your baby go to sleep while he is not in your arms. This is not something that you can achieve in one day.

Some babies sleep fast as compared to the other ones. So you have to help them master this art on their own. You have to be strict with your pattern, no matter if he cries, you have to let him stay inside the crib before he goes back to sleep.

You may follow the favorite sleeping pattern of your baby while you put him in the crib. Do this consistently each day, and you will see the results in few days.

It’s Time to Get Your Baby Tired

Human body gets more sleep when it is mentally and physically tired. This also works for babies who are not happy at all to go for a sleep in the crib.

You can make your baby tired by stimulating them physically and mentally throughout the day. As the infants up to 6 months old are quite energetic and active, it is harder for parents to get them tired soon enough. You can put your baby in a bouncer or play mat equipped with a lot of colorful toys.

Make sure that the physical and mental activities only make your baby tired, not exhausted. If your baby gets exhausted, he won’t go to sleep.

Watch Out for Cues

Sometimes parents do miss out on some important signs that babies display before they go to sleep. These cues definitely help parents in transitioning their little ones to sleep in a crib more easily.

Putting the baby in the crib when he shows the sign of tiredness can work like a charm.

If you see these signs of tiredness in your baby, it might be the best time to put him in a crib for sleeping.

  • Yawning
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Keeping eyes closed for more than a second
  • Fussing

By this, you can easily know about the awake time as they get tired. Some babies can only last for 2 hours before they lay down to sleep. While some might stay awake for 4 hours before going to proper sleep.

Reaction of Baby While in a Crib

Getting your baby sleep in a crib is not a one day journey. However, you can throw him there for a night and see how your baby responds to it. Some babies may accept this while other might fight to stay in your arms forever.

So here’s the plan!!! You have to start transitioning them from nap to night sleep. Yes, it is better to put them in a crib for nap time so that they get used to it. If your baby has developed the habit of napping a swing or bouncer,

If your baby takes multiple naps in a day, let him take one nap in the crib. It might take a week or two for the little one to adjust to this new sleeping location.

If your baby gets one successful nap in the crib, it’s time to move him permanently to nap in the crib most of the time. Now you can slowly follow this same pattern at night time as well.

Monitor the Sleeping Pattern

Keeping an eye on the sleeping pattern of your baby gives you a detailed insight. Video monitor for newborn babies records the sleeping pattern of your baby without disturbing the baby and parents.

Final Advice

We hope these tips and techniques will surely help you in transitioning your baby into a crib for a better sleep. If your baby still doesn’t loves sleeping in a crib, you must not giveup. Try putting him in crib the next day, and he will eventually start sleeping rightaway in the crib.

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