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How to know if a Baby Swing Safe For My Newborn?

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Can a newborn go in a swing?

As you’re awaiting your newborn’s arrival, chances are you have a few questions. Is baby swing safe for my newborn? Where do you get the top-rated infant swings? And how much does a baby swing cost?

With so many newborn baby swings out there, it can be extremely overwhelming for a new mom to decide what is safe and best for baby. To some new moms, a baby swing is an indispensable baby product.

For any workaholic or stay at home moms, who has to deal with so many chores, being able to put baby somewhere safe where they can see them, is very important.

It is also an invaluable item to have when traveling so as to keep your baby safe while organising packing and unpacking.

Despite all these benefits, one can’t dispute the fact that using baby swing may not be the best option if certain guidelines are not followed.

One baby swing we really like for your newborn is Graco DuoGlider. What we like about this swing is that the base fully reclines, which is perfect for a newborn.

Also, junior is fully enclosed in this unit. Hands and legs can’t be caught on anything or knocked.

It is also suitable for heavier babies with a weight limit of 30 pounds.

We think this baby swing is safe for newborns and good value.

Is a Baby Swing Safe for my Newborn?

Is baby swing safe for my newborn? Typically, baby swings (unlike bassinettes or cribs) are not the most suitable for your newborn baby to sleep in.

A baby swing is really to give you a break from carrying your baby or give junior some play time out of the crib.

Your newborn baby must be lying in a totally reclined position on the swing. A newborns head is not stable and so they slump. This can restrict their breathing. Always lie them flat until they can support their head.

You always need to have a constant view on the swing. Make sure the swing is working properly and has not suffered any damage.

Another thing to always watch out for is to ensure an adequate flow of air for the baby to breath (do not cover the baby’s face). Check the baby to see that he/she doesn’t feel too hot while riding in the swing.

How Long Should a Newborn Be in a Swing?

A newborn should not be left in a swing too long. Most manufacturers instructions say around 30 minutes per session is enough.

We agree.

A newborn needs to do a lot of sleeping for optimum growth. The best place to sleep is in their crib or bed. A baby swing should be there just to give you a little break or to calm an unsettled baby.

Most of the time you will want to cuddle them anyway.

At What Age Should Your Baby Go On a Swing?

As soon as your little one can support their head (with you close to her). However, this really depends on the type of swing you are going to purchase.

If the swing comes in a total reclined position, like the Graco DuoGlider, then your baby can use this from a very young age.

These type of swings are the most suitable for infants between the age of 6 weeks and 4 months old.

Is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Swing?

The question, Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a swing is one of the most asked. A baby swing is really for a bit of play time for your baby or to give you a little break from carrying junior.

Baby should sleep in their own bed or crib.

It can be enjoyable settling your baby snugly into the swings, while allowing him/her to rock to sleep. However, you should not allow your baby to nap in the swing too often as that could cause problems.

You don’t want junior to form the habit of swing-sleeping or become a swing-napper, which babies and toddlers are mostly known to do.

Babies get used to the movement or vibration of the swing and then find it difficult to fall asleep naturally. Same with babies that are held and rocked to sleep.

It is always best to separate the 2 areas if possible. Bed is for sleep and swing is for play with toys. If babe is falling asleep in the baby swing too often, simply pick them up and put them in their bed. This way they will start to understand that bed is for sleep.

newborn in a swing

Tips To Make a Baby Swing Safe for Your Baby

Consider The Age and Size of your Baby

If you’re planning on using a newborn swing for your baby, the first thing you want to consider is the age and size of your baby.

This is so important as some baby swings are solely designed for newborns and infants. Some baby swings can be continue to be used for toddlers.

Click here so see our recommended baby swings for newborns and infants.

Don’t Allow Napping Too Often In The Baby Swing

Infants and toddlers are very good at forming a habit. Once your little one becomes used to napping in the swing he/she may not want to sleep anywhere else again.

This could mean a lot of sleepless nights for you because you’ll have to try hard to change them back to sleeping in their bed.

Their bed is the best place for quality sleep that helps them grow.

Avoid Prolonged Time In the Baby Swing

Limiting the time your baby spends in the swing is another safety tip. The baby swing should be to give you a break or to let baby have some play time.

Babies only need about 30 minutes in the swing.

Once babies start to wiggle and move they will want to get on the floor.

Start Off Well

It is so important to start off well and consistency is the key. Babies need quality sleep. They can only get this from their crib or bed.

Baby swings are to give you a break from carrying baby all the time or play time. As your baby starts to grow they will want to stay awake longer.

Take them out of the crib and put them in a baby swing. Always have the swing on the floor and where you can see it. Hang mobile toys on the arm to stimulate your baby and give them something to look at.

When they get tired, put them back into bed to sleep.

Final Word

Is baby swing safe for my newborn? Yes, it is, provided the swing reclines fully. Make sure your baby is fully enclosed in the “cocoon” to avoid injuries.

Infants and children grow at such a rapid rate you are best getting a swing for your baby to about 6 months of age and then getting a toddler seat as they grow.

Always use the safety harness and don’t let your baby sleep in the swing too often.

You know your baby best. If you have any concerns wait until you feel comfortable using the baby swing for your newborn.

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