Is Baby Swing Safe For My Newborn?

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newborn swing

Can a newborn go in a swing? As you’re awaiting your newborn’s arrival, chances are, the questions on your mind are: where do you get the top-rated infant swings, how much does a baby swing cost, among many more. It might interest you to know that you need to also ask yourself the question as to whether baby swings are safe for newborns.

With so many newborn swings out there, it can be extremely overwhelming for a new mom to decide what is safe and best for baby. To some new moms, a baby swing is an indispensable baby gear for any workaholic housewife who has to deal with so many house chores.

A baby swing is not only suitable for hands-free shopping, but it’s also an invaluable item to have when traveling abroad so as to keep your baby safe while carrying her bags and other paraphernalia.

Despite all these benefits, one can’t dispute the fact that using baby swing may not be the best option if certain guidelines are not followed.

That leads to the question:

Are Newborn Swings Safe?

Newborn in a swing: Typically, baby swings (unlike bassinettes or cribs) are not the most suitable or safe item meant for calming your baby to sleep. However, there are a few guidelines you need to follow if you must use them. One of such guidelines is to always have a constant check on the swing to ensure the rings are not hanging by a thread or broken, or to ensure the swing has not suffered any damage, whatsoever.

Another thing to always watch out for is to ensure an adequate flow of air for the baby to breath (do not cover the baby’s face) and always check the baby to see that she doesn’t feel too hot while riding in the swing.

one of the best and safe baby newborn swings to buy
The best and safest newborn swing


How Long Should a Newborn Be in a Swing?

There are no fast or hard rules. While some swings are designed for infants and newborns, others are just ideal for babies with a weight up to 30 lbs. Hence, before you start to think of buying a baby swing, consider the size of your baby and choose the most ideal wing based on that for your newborn.

At What Age Should Your Baby Go On a Swing?

As soon as your little one can support herself sitting (with you close to her), you should let her start riding in a bucket-style infant swing. These type of swings are the most ideal for children between the age of 6 months and 4 years old.

And, when trying to push your little one in a baby swing, you should make it slowly and gently so as to prevent her from sliding around, as most playground swings don’t always fit children very snugly.

Most children around 8 to 9 months enjoy swinging, but some don’t until they’re a bit older (probably when up to like a year). In that case, if your baby cries or seems not to enjoy it, don’t worry but take them out of it and try again some other days.

Is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Swing?

Of course, it can be enjoying settling your baby snugly into the swings, while allowing her to rock to sleep. However, you should not allow your baby to nap in the swing for too often as that could cause problems – Yes, “too much of anything” rules also apply to your baby’s swing here. The truth is you don’t want her to form the habit of swing-sleeping or become a swing-napper, which babies and toddlers are mostly known with.

So to avoid having difficulty with making your baby nap anywhere else, don’t always allow her to nap in the swing.

newborn in a swing

Tips To Make a Baby Swing Safe for Your Baby

Consider The Age and Size

If you’re planning on using a newborn swing for your baby, the first thing you want to consider is the age, style, and size of the baby. This is so important as some baby swings are solely designed for newborns and infants. The weight of your baby also matters here and in that, you need to take all those factors into cognizance before you even start to think about the need for a baby swing.

Don’t Allow Napping Too Often In The Swing

Infants and toddlers are very good at forming a habit. Once your little one becomes so addicted to napping in the swing she may not enjoy or want to sleep anywhere else again. This could mean a lot of sleepless night for as you will have to you’ll have to try hard trying to change him to sleep elsewhere.

Avoid Prolonged Sleep In the Swing

Limiting the time your baby spends in the swing is another safe tips you can take to make swinging a thrilling experience for both you and the baby. Most experts (in addition to removing your baby from the swing after 30 minutes) recommend that you remove

Start Off Well

This is so important a rule that you wouldn’t want to ignore as you don’t want to have problems along the line. As you’re planning to start with swing, start off well by starting as properly as you’d like to continue. If you get it right from the start, you’d be good to go, but if you miss it from the outset, you may end up struggling to effect a change in your baby’s sleeping pattern but without any result.

Final Thoughts

All along, you have been able to understand why many people think using a baby swing may not be the best option for their newborn. The truth is, there is no clear-cut rule for this. While it can be a source of peace and joy to some parents, many will only have their situations worsened with it – though this is only possible where you fail to follow the simple tips as given above.

As a new mom, you should endeavor to consider factors such as age, style, and size of your baby before purchasing a baby swing. If your baby is a sleepless or fussy one, you may find a swing an indispensable baby gear to give yourself a respite, but don’t forget that you should not prolong the time your baby spends in it or abuse it.

Overall, you’ll find newborn in a swing a safe item if you can follow all the tips above strictly. So keep it handy.

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