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Best Musical Baby Swings with Lights & Music 2021

These days baby swings with lights and music have a lot more modes and functions to them. Swings can now play music, have flashing lights, featured toys, vibrate, and more.

If you have a baby that struggles to calm down and needs soothing then you really do have to consider getting a baby swing that plays music.

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The music aspect has been a big influence at calming babies, particularly ones that suffer from colic. Also, a vibrating swing helps too.

If a baby swing has toys swinging with lights flashing and music playing, be it their favourite song or animal sounds they are much more likely to be entertained.

Many swings have built in sounds that play catchy melodies or animal sounds or natural sounds. Some even play white noise, which is what they hear when they are in the womb.

When a swing is in motion they can be quite loud, it’s good to have ones that play music to drown this out.

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best musical baby swings chair

The top-rated musical baby swings include:

  1. Graco Simple Sway Abbington Baby Swing
  2. Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing
  3. Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing
  4. Ingenuity Twinkle Teddy Bear Baby Swing
  5. Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 Baby Swing

We have taken the time to test drive the top two swings in this category. This will help you decide which one to buy.

The top two are priced around the same, this is around $70. You would not expect to pay over $100 for a good baby swing that plays music.

Best Musical Baby Swing Reviews

We have tested and reviewed the top two rated baby swings that play music. Our test baby loved both of these swings.

This is what we thought about them and how our baby got on using them.

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#1 Graco Simple Sway Abbington Musical Baby Swing

comfortable baby swing that plays music
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This unit is very affordable and plays a whopping 15 songs and happy melodies.

Our test baby loved the majority of the sounds, they are soothing and catchy and really did get our baby over to sleep.

This one even vibrates, this is particularly useful if your baby suffers from colic. If the swing motion does not do it for your baby, the vibrations will.

The swing can move at 6 different speeds, it takes its time to build up to full speed, but our baby enjoyed this, rather than going into full swing speed right away.

The swing does have head support, it’s a little on the fine side so would need extra padding for a newborn to use.

You can read more about the swing here.

Tip: use a long-range baby monitor with cameras to keep an eye on your baby using the swing at all times.

To see how a baby swing with lights and music works? Check out this informative video below

#2 Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Musical Swing with Lights & Music

Cheap budget musical swing for babies

We selected to test drive this baby swing that plays music as it is small and portable, just perfect for people with small spaces.

After all, you have a lot of new things because of the baby, you don’t really want too much extra equipment like this that take up a lot of room.

This swing is very basic but does everything that you would want it to. It will fold down small too, which is a big added bonus.

The unit is lightweight and portable, it still plays music. It includes 6 songs and some natural sounds to help soothe the baby over to sleep.

The unit is powered by batteries only, this can get quite costly so be sure to purchase rechargeable ones along with the swing.

It can also set to swing at 6 different speeds too, not bad for such a basic swing. Our test baby preferred the fastest setting.

The biggest plus point for this swing is the fact that it’s working noise is low, you can hardly hear it running.

Because it folds down small we did a test, it actually fitted into our large backpack, which is great for taking with you on road trips.

The negative points include the unit being very low down to the ground, getting baby in and out is a bit of a pain.

The seat itself is quite comfortable, it’s not the softest we have come across, but for the price, it’s good enough.

The swing operates back and forth only. Our baby preferred this motion to others so this was perfect for us.

If you are working with a small budget this is certainly the best choice by a long way.

Our test baby is 4 months old, it was a decent size for him but I would not say it would be good for smaller babies.

The baby loves the music although it’s very repetitive and can be annoying at times for parents.

The chair has an inbuilt timer so you can set it to turn off when complete, which is good for saving battery power.

The 5 point harness ensures the baby is safe at all times and will not fall out when it’s in full motion.

To read the user manual for this swing click here.

To see a happy baby using the swing to get a feel for it to take a look at this video:

Both of these swings have received good feedback, I’m sure whichever one you purchase you will be happy with it.

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