What Kind Of Baby Monitor Do I Need

You are probably here because you have been asking yourself what kind of baby monitor exactly do I need?

The prospect of bringing home a tiny baby can be daunting, which explains why baby monitors are becoming increasingly popular with new parents.

Nothing could be more important than the safety of your precious baby, but with your new parental status, you will also need rest, not to mention you’re having more tasks to do each day. No one is really able to watch over their baby 24 hours a day.

This is where Baby Monitors provide such peace of mind for both new and experienced parents alike and providing a way to always be at the ready should they need you. Baby alarms were originally quite basic pieces of equipment, which worked by transmitting only audio. They provided a way to hear your baby should they wake and cry, when you were away from their immediate location.

These days there are so many types to choose from, offering a wide selection of features, which will not only let you know when your baby wakes, but can also alert you should they experience a period of not breathing.  While it is rare, the possibility of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is a very real danger, and it is reassuring to know that you can have some immediate warning should they exhibit any dangerous signs or symptoms.

One type of alarm has movement sensor pads which lay under the baby and detects their regular breathing pattern; if there is any break or interruption for longer than usual it will alarm, providing you with the opportunity to act quickly and potentially avoid a serious problem.
While highly unlikely you would ever need such an alarm, it still provides that peace of mind which might allow you to get some much-needed rest when you have the opportunity.

Some of the best baby monitors with a camera attached include the Summer baby monitors, Fisher-Price, Summer Infant, Angelcare, Philips, Samsung and Safety 1st.  These high-quality brands tend to get the best reviews and can come with any number of extensive features including high-quality audio, wifi, digital HD video cameras and even heart monitors!

What Kind of baby monitor do I need? – Things to consider

With purchasing a baby monitor there are some things to consider.  Problems can occur, such as getting interference from other wireless devices, although this can be greatly eliminated depending on the quality of alarm you choose.  Some of the features that you might want to look out for include:

 • Checking the MHz and range – a greater range will help with the quality of the sound even if you don’t use it to the full extent of its potential?

• Considering the number of channels available, and the technology used so that you can minimize any issues with interference.

• Seeing if the monitor you are looking at has rechargeable capabilities, or are you going to have the ongoing expense of purchasing batteries?

• Checking if you can get extras for your unit, like more than one handpiece, extra cameras or even an extra room monitor?

• Finding out if it was out of range and low battery alarm?

• Water-resistance on the portable handpieces – this could be a useful safeguard, particularly if you take it outside and get caught in rain or it gets splashed near a pool, water feature or Jacuzzi.

• The inclusion of things like video, temperature or movement monitoring?

As you can see, there are quite a number of options to choose from when you are looking at baby monitors, and it all comes down to what particular features you feel are going to be most valuable for you and your baby.

Types Of Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitors

If you are busy setting up a nursery for your new arrival, then looking at video baby monitors is quite likely high on your radar. You may have already noticed there is a huge range to choose from.  Many parents are nervous about their impending roles and some are very anxious about the possibility of problems like SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While the cause is still a mystery, one thing you can plan for is prevention.

It is very reassuring for parents, to know that they can monitor their baby via video as well as for movement using sensor pads, which register an interruption to their breathing pattern.  More commonly a baby alarm system will allow you to keep a watch that your little one is sleeping soundly. Should they wake you will know straightway without having to let them cry, causing unnecessary distress.
Standard baby alarms use audio, where the only option you have is hearing your baby. Things can interfere with these devices, and they can pick up other noises like air conditioning, central heating, vehicle or weather noises.

By using video baby monitors you are able to take advantage of visual cues that would otherwise be missed with audio alone. Your baby will likely start moving around as they get closer to waking, so you have some warning that they will wake shortly.  A monitor that includes video will have a clear view of your sleeping child from a camera mounted in the nursery. A good quality system will also have infrared night vision that allows visual monitoring even in a dark room.

They can also come with remote control, and some models have a function that allows you to pan or zoom the camera to get a better view of the baby or the surrounding area.  Some monitoring units offer the option of connecting up to 4 cameras, giving you the choice of having another one in the room, or you can place one in other rooms and perhaps monitor two children at once.
Some of these cameras also allow you to take digital photos.

Baby alarms normally run on a wireless system that allows you to take your handset with you, even if you venture out into your garden. The MHz and range can vary, but many will reach a range of 650ft to 980ft which is a considerable distance.
It is a good idea to get a unit that comes with an out of range alarm to alert you, should you happen to move too far away, out of the signal area.




Some of the best models include the Summer Infant baby touch digital colour video monitor, the Summer Infant best view digital video baby monitor, the Graco secure coverage digital baby monitor and the Philips Avent digital video baby monitor.  These top brands tend to get the best reviews and a few other quality producers include Lorex Live Snap Digital Wireless, Safety 1st High Def, Fisher-Price Talk, Graco monitor, Baby Touch, DECT technology capable devices, monitor multi-child and duo as well as the white bt 150.

Another useful feature that comes with some monitors is the ability to give a temperature reading in your baby’s room. If the temperature happens to drop too low or gets too high, it could disrupt their sleeping patterns.  It is also an added protection if you happen to live in an extreme climate area, as extremes in temperature can be life-threatening.  Clearly, Video baby monitors are one good way to put your mind at ease and give you greater control of keeping your new little baby safe and sound.

Wifi Baby Monitors

A wifi baby monitor provides a cordless monitoring system and is short for Wireless Fidelity, which means that the signal is transmitted via radio frequencies.  The advantages are obvious. Anything that doesn’t need to run from wires or cords is going to be so much more convenient to set up and use as well as having better esthetics.  How your new baby monitor looks in your nursery is not as important as what it does and how well it works, but it is still a consideration to parents who have put a lot of work into setting up a lovely décor for their baby’s room.

There are some issues that can occur with a wifi system, but nothing that cannot be fixed by careful research and purchasing a good quality baby product.  Any wireless device is potentially subject to interference, from nearby electrical equipment, or from other types of wireless transmitters that might be using the same or similar frequencies.  Modern technology has all but eliminated these obstacles by improving the quality of their systems. As long as you purchase a good quality set, you should have no issues.


wifi baby monitors               


One important feature of a Wi-Fi alarm is to have an ‘out of range’ warning signal. This is important if you are using your system to monitor the baby while you are out in the garden doing some tasks or sitting by the pool. You don’t want to wander out of range without realizing it.
A newer innovation in the wifi baby video monitor field allows for automatic uploading of a video to a password-protected YouTube account. The video baby monitor wifi is all piggybacked on your home internet connection! Obviously you are not going to leave your baby at home alone; however, if you have a baby sitter in, then it is one way to keep a check on things at home.

This feature is also great if one parent has to travel away from home, and they want to check up on their little one from time to time, this makes it possible from anywhere in the world.  Another very important option is movement detection. This feature requires a sensor pad that is placed under the mattress and detects all the baby’s movements. Should there be absolutely no movement for 20 seconds the alarm sounds?  I read a moving review by a person who claimed that owning this type of monitor saved their baby’s life, and I can only imagine how relieved they were that they owned this type of device.




They were able to hurry in and wake the baby, which started them breathing again. It also alerted them to the baby having this problem, which otherwise they may not have known and their child could have become another SIDS statistic.  Some of the better monitors also have a battery backup in case of a power outage, and this is another very valuable feature to look for when choosing the alarm and monitoring system for your baby.  In the end, the most important thing is that when you choose a wifi baby monitor, that it covers all the things you consider important to give you peace of mind knowing your baby is safe and secure.

Digital Baby Monitors

Digital baby monitors provide such peace of mind for any new parent, allowing you to be able to relax, work or sleep knowing that as soon as your baby wakes you will know about it straight away.  You can keep a watchful eye on your little one, while they are sleeping from anywhere in and around your home, providing you are within the range of your monitoring system.  DECT stands for digital enhanced cordless telecommunications and provides for the clearest communications, via video or audio with virtually no interference from other cordless devices, such as a cell or cordless phone that may be nearby.


digital baby monitors               


Another important feature of a digital monitor is that it allows you to keep track of the temperature in your baby’s room. The device would alert you to any problem with your central heating, and advise you if the temperature was dropping to dangerous levels in your baby’s room.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and with the higher quality baby monitor you get, the more likely you will have less or no interference, plus you get all the added functionality. One of the features found in the better baby alarms is the provision of movement detection.

A common problem with people of all ages is apnea, which is when a person stops breathing for a longer time than their usual cycle. Babies are at a higher risk of experiencing obstructive apnea, which is where something gets in the way of their breathing.
It might be as simple inflammation and swelling of their throat or nasal passages and if you notice any snoring, then take that as a warning sign that they might be susceptible to breathing problems. Something you will want to discuss with your Doctor.

Of course, having a baby alarm is one way to be able to know for sure that your baby is safe and sleeping well, and while it cannot stop your baby from getting sick, or having a problem, it can certainly alert you, so you can seek medical assistance quickly as needed.
Something else that you may not have thought about is the battery life of your monitor, and how long it will hold its charge. You will want a monitoring system that is rechargeable for the hand devices even if your main station is plugged in. You should also find out if there is some sort of battery backup available, should you experience any interruption to your electrical supply.


             what baby monitor do i need


There are many types of monitors including digital video baby monitors.  The best digital baby monitors are made by trusted brands like the Summer Infant baby touch digital colour video monitor.  These digital monitors with camera capabilities allow you to not only see your baby in real time but record it on video!  The Graco secure coverage digital baby monitor is another fantastic model.  Others include the Philips Avent, Safety 1st high def model, Lorex live snap digital wireless, Graco direct connect, Philips Avent DECT baby monitor with a digital display screen and many more!

There are some concerns about using DECT devices around your home and in particular near your baby, and these revolve around the potential dangers of microwave transmissions.  Baby monitors are the same as other wireless type devices, such as your cell or cordless phones. A lot of experts say that the amount of electromagnetic energy that is emitted does not come anywhere close to dangerous levels.
Overall digital baby monitors offer a lot of benefits and features that can be very helpful to new and experienced parents, and provide a high level of peace of mind that your baby is sleeping safely.

Wireless Baby Monitors

There could be nothing more important than the safety of your brand new little baby. Wireless baby monitors provide parents with one of the most useful accessories for their nursery.  A relatively new innovation, these devices have advanced from simple audio transmission to a range of options that include video, movement and room temperature monitoring. Wireless or WiFi as it is sometimes referred to, provides the most convenient and up to date technology to assist you with what can be a most daunting task, that of caring for your newborn and keeping them safe.


wireless baby monitors               what kind of baby monitor do i need


With the help of a wireless alarm, not only can you monitor your baby from other areas in and around your home, within the range limits of your device, but there is also a function on some monitors that enables a video to be uploaded to a secure YouTube Channel.
Obviously this is a great bonus if ever you leave your baby with a sitter for an evening out, or if a parent has to travel away from home for an extended period, it will allow them to peek in on their baby, from time to time, while they are away.

Some of the most popular and useful features you will want to look out for when you are ready to purchase your baby monitor might include:

• Easy installation with minimal or no tools needed.
• Infrared night vision which provides full visibility of your baby even in the dark of night.
• Colour video screen with options to connect via television or through a video recorder
• Option to upload a video to password-protected YouTube channel
• Rechargeable handsets with an extended range to ensure connection stability and clarity
• Long battery life with added standby features.
• Movement detection pads that will alarm if there is no movement detected from breathing for an extended period.
• Optional channel choice so it reduces problems from electrical interference.
• Other nice extras include the ability to speak back to your baby, night light and various lullaby tunes

One of the most important features is the movement sensor pads, which slide under the mattress and detect any lack of movement that lasts at least 20 seconds. This triggers an alarm on the parent station allowing speedy response to any potentially life-threatening situation.
This is particularly for the purpose of detecting apnea which is when someone stops breathing for any extended period of time. There are a couple of different types of apnea that babies are most susceptible too, one is obstructive which can occur with, anything getting in the way of the airway, including any swelling, and the other is central apnea.




The best wireless baby monitor reviews go to high-quality brands like the Lorex Live Snap digital wireless video baby monitor.  You can get a wireless internet baby monitor and check up on your toddler over wifi and even record them while they’re sleeping with a wireless video baby monitor.

Central apnea is caused by a malfunction within the breathing control centre of the brain, and some babies are more susceptible to this problem than others, particularly if they were born prematurely. While you cannot predict this event, nor stop it from occurring you can have adequate monitoring that alerts you should this happen, which allows for quick intervention, which could save your baby’s life. Your choice of monitor is a critical thing to consider when preparing to welcome your new baby home, and it could be well worth you checking out the available wireless monitors when choosing one for your nursery.


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