When Can A Baby Go In A Baby Swing
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When Can A Baby Go In A Baby Swing

when can a baby go in a baby swing


So…When can a baby go in a baby swing? The simple answer is when they are able to support their head by themselves. It also depends on the construction of the baby swing. Some are sit up models and others have a more “cocooned” cradle that they can lie in. Most babies have stable head control from around 4 to 6 months.

Newborns should always be in a baby swing that reclines fully so they are not slumping or restricting their breathing.

One baby swing that we really like is Graco DuoGlider. What we really like about this baby swing is that it can change between a fully reclined swing – for newborns – and a seat for older infants.

This makes it great value because you can use it for a much longer time.

We also like that there is a gentle vibration with this swing. I remember my mom telling me that when I wouldn’t sleep she would turn the washing machine on to spin and put me on top. The vibration would always stop me fussing and when she popped me back into bed I’d go to sleep straight away!

This swing has that gentle vibration to calm your baby and it plays music.

This is a really good quality swing that has good, useable features. You should get good value from this purchase.

You know, some moms get so worried and stressed out when it comes to their babies, especially moms that are having their first child. This is a natural feeling. Remember, there are many resources to help you navigate these first few months of your child’s life.

Of course, it is not easy to carry another living thing in your sexy belly for 9 good months, enduring the pains and fatigues associated with it. Regardless, we are human and at one point in time, we are going to need some rest.

To be completely honest, we can become weary carrying our babies. Our backs can ache and our shoulders become tired. What’s more, sometimes we simply wish they will quit whining and crying when you put them down or even nod off.

Well, it would appear that somebody had an awesome love for parenthood, sat down and thought of an approach to ease mother and child stress and this prompted the manufacture of swings for babies.

Baby swings are a seat or a swing for infants and toddlers, to keep them calm and stop them from fussing and crying. You might be wondering is it safe? Will your baby get hurt?

Trust me! Whoever invented the baby swing had all moms’ best interest at heart. All you have to do is make sure whichever brand you buy is a good quality one. Baby swings give fussy babies the motion they crave to be calm.


1. There are different types of swings, the standard swing, cradle swing, and travel swing. The standard swing is a cushioned seat dangling from a frame that swings front-to-back. Cradle swings can rock the baby from side-to-side.

2.  All have the adjustable speed to accommodate baby. You can set it to a fast or slow pace to rock your baby. It all depends on the situation.


You might be wondering when your baby can go in a baby swing? Is your baby too young for the swing? Well, if your baby can support his/her head and not slump too much in the seat, then your baby can go in a baby swing.

Just be aware that newborn babies from 3 weeks old can go in also provided the swing can recline completely.

What we like about the Graco DuoGlider is that it can continue to be used as your baby starts growing. Most babies should be able to give up the swing at the age of about 6 – 8 months. At this age, they will begin to investigate more of their surroundings and that will require them on the floor.

When your infant is around 8 months old, they should start to get ready for crawling and walking and playing with toys on the floor.

when can a baby go in a baby swing


Everything has got its pros and cons and the baby swing is no exception. Yes, we all know moms really need a moment of silence but let’s not forget our babies’ safety is our utmost priority.

Here are things you should always try to remember when using a baby swing.

Can babies sleep in a swing?

1. Do not let your baby fall asleep in the swing for an extended period of time – especially when not supervised. Not to get you all worked up but it’s just not safe. Sure, its ok for a nap and it will help a baby that just won’t settle but it just shouldn’t be a habit.

Quality sleep comes from being in their bed.

The American Academy of Paediatrics introduced new findings in 2017 which warned guardians from utilizing baby swings as tranquilizers.

They advised that sitting upright for significant time can make it difficult for infants to inhale properly and can create a higher risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

For these reasons, it’s best you don’t let your baby sleep in it at night or for a long time. Telling you this doesn’t mean is totally unsafe but just to clear any ignorance and make you aware.

What is the baby swing weight limit?

The weight limits really are dependant on the swing you are looking to purchase.

Check out each manufacturers instructions as they will all differ. If you or your partner are larger frames, take a look at the swings that will support more weight.

Click here to check out our full article on weight limits.

When should babies stop using a swing?

Babies should stop using a swing when they are too heavy (check manufacturers instructions) or are too active. Swings are really designed to calm an unsettled baby or give mom a break from carrying baby around.

Once your baby starts to wiggle and want to get out – it’s time to stop using a swing.

Always using the swing to rock the baby to sleep, or calm him/her down might turn into a habit for your baby and this can make it difficult if they won’t settle for anything less.

Babies need to sleep in their own bed and have lots of floor time to encourage and activate their muscles.

How long should babies stay in a swing?

Babies should only stay in a swing for about 30 minutes at a time. Swings are a way to calm your baby or give you a break from carrying baby around.

Babies need space and time to develop their mind and body naturally.

This helps them to entertain themselves and stimulate their brain and muscles. Always keeping them in the swing will limit their movement and there is a tendency that your baby might start to crawl or walk later.

Babies need lots of floor time and interaction with their environment and toys. Some ideal developmental toys are building blocks and walker wagons.

What about baby swing safety?

Baby swings can be a great way to calm an unsettled baby or to give moms a break from carrying or to do a few quick chores. But it is really important to adhere to some basic baby swing safety.

Always read the manufacturers instructions for setting up the swing and for weight and height limits.

Make sure the swing is firmly placed on the floor. Do not put it on a table or staircase.

Babies tend to grow very quickly and they can go from a lump that does nothing to a wiggling, active baby very quickly.

Always have the swing where you can see your baby and supervise their movements.

Do not hang toys on a long string from the arm. Babies can become tangled very easily. Also, it would be annoying for the baby having something hanging in their face all the time.

Always have newborns and babies without stable head control, in a fully reclined position.

Limit the time baby spends in the swing to around 30 minutes and don’t make a habit of sleeping while in the swing.

Its great to use to help calm an unsettled infant but regular sleeping habits should have them sleeping in their own bed.

Always have close supervision of your baby.

Final word

Your baby can go in a baby swing from about 3 – 4 weeks old or when you feel comfortable putting them into one.

Swings should be only used to calm an unsettled baby, for a bit of fun time with baby and to give mom or dad a short break.

Baby should have a good sleep routine.
1. Always try to create a calm environment in the bedroom.
2. Practice napping in the crib instead of the swing.
3. Swaddle your baby and rub his/her back till he/she nods off

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