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  • Do you need the fancy option?
  • Where should your baby sleep?

There is so much information on the web that it can be overwhelming. Infant Stuff Reviews goes through all the different options and lets you know what basics you should buy and why.

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What Baby Swings do you need?

Do you need a Baby Swing?

Baby Swings are a great way for junior to get some playtime and to give you a break. You must always be supervising your baby when in a swing and always place it on the floor.

Babies need time out of their crib so they can explore the world around them. Placing them in a baby swing lets them watch and interact with their family and surrounds. Keep them safe by using the safety harness.

Baby swings also give you a break from carrying all the time. You will be able to get quick household chores done while babe interacts with mobile toys or music.

Baby swings are a product we feel most new moms will need.

Baby essentials for first 3 months

What are the baby essentials for first 3 months you need?

You will need a good baby crib as quality sleep is so important to a growing infant. A stroller to take junior out with you. Diapers are essential. An infant car seat if you drive a car.

Babies need their own complete range of furnishing and accessories. Some will be essential and some will be nice to have.

Our reviews will give you lots of details on what to get and why it is needed. We will also share our tips on how to adapt what you already have.

Find out what baby essentials for first 3 months you need.

You’ll also find Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Need a Baby Shower Gift Idea? Or want to know what to buy a one year old?

Our reviews also include gift ideas for the soon to be mom as well as one year old boys and girls.

This is great help for grandparents or those who don’t have children.

Find out more baby shower gift ideas in our detailed reviews.

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