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Best Swing For Babies Over 25 Pounds 2021

Most swings are for babies up to 25 pounds in weight. However, there is a swing for babies over 25 pounds, four actually.

The best swing for a larger baby can hold up to 40 pounds, this is called the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing.

If you are looking for a swing for your heavy baby take a look at the list below.

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Best Swing For Babies Over 30 Pounds

The top four swings for babies over 25 pounds include:

#1 Fisher-Price Floral Confetti

#2 Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

#3 Graco Dream Glider

#4 Graco Cozy Duet

We have selected two of these swings for babies over 30 pounds for review.

You can read the reviews below to discover which one you should buy if any.

Take a look at our reviews, each of these swings come highly rated.

The one you choose will basically come down to your budget.

1. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

over 30 pounds swings for babies

This baby swing has a maximum weight limit of 30 pounds, so is the perfect swing for babies over 25 pounds in weight.

The is swing is highly rated because it is not only affordable compared to others on the market, it can also accommodate bigger babies.

The swing has a flat base that is really strong and sturdy, just perfect for babies over 25 pounds to use.

The cradle type seat is very comfortable indeed, there is a lot of room for big babies.

The swing is ultra-safe using a five-point harness and has 2-speed variations.

The swing is very easy to assemble, so will not give you a headache.

It uses a gentle side to side swing motion, this works wonders at getting a tired baby off to sleep.

This is also a swing that can be plugged into the wall unit, which will save you money on buying batteries all the time.

The material can be removed, so you can always keep it nice and clean for the baby to use anytime they want to.

You could use a long-range baby monitor to always keep an eye on your baby in the swing.

2. Graco Dream Glider

best swings for over 30 lbs

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This baby swing has a maximum weight limit of 30 pounds.

This too is perfect for babies over 30 pounds to use.

This swing can be reclined into two different positions, making it good for babies that suffer from reflux.

This one is not just battery operated only, you can plug it into the mains too. This will help save money over battery only baby swings.

The swing also has a built-in timer, this way you can set it to stop after a certain time.

Some baby swings only have two speeds, this swing has a whopping six swing speeds.

It also has two vibration settings, making this the best baby swing for babies with reflux.

The swing is easy to keep clean too, everything can be detached.

Ten songs are built into the unit together with five natural sounds, which will help soothe your baby to sleep.

There are other good baby swings on the market, however, they only hold a baby up to 25 pounds in weight.

The average price of a swing for babies over 25 pounds is between $70 and $150 depending on which model you choose.

It’s good to go for a swing that allows for batteries and also a plugin, this will help you save cash on buying batteries all the time.

Getting a model with different swing speeds and vibration modes are always better for babies with reflux.

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Having one with a built-in timer saves the hassle of having to turn off all the time after a set period.

You can rest assured that every baby swing featured here has received very good reviews.

You now need to assess which one will be best for your large baby over 30 pounds in weight.

The best for one baby will not be the best for another, which is why we created this post.

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