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Best Baby Monitor for 1 Year Old Baby [2021]

So you wanna know more about the best baby monitor for one year old? As busy parents, don’t we wish to have ears and eyes on the back of our heads too for the pure sake of child monitoring? Fortunately, the modern world has a pragmatic solution for us.

Thanks to the inventors of baby monitors! The best long range baby monitor enables us to keep a watchful eye on the baby from a different room without the conventional fuss involved in the process of childcare. All of this at the tap of a finger!

Spoiler Alert: Now that you are equipped with the 411 on baby monitor, how do you choose the best one from the clutter out there? Here’s the deal: we will include the top five baby monitors available in the market today and follow it up with a buying guide.

So, stay hooked because it’s easy to get flummoxed by all the choices if you were to do solo research. That said, our personal best pick is the NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor.

Best Baby Monitor for One Year Old

NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor

first year baby monitor
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For a baby monitor, it’s hard to find a better product than the NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor. It’s a perfect parent companion to monitor a baby on a phone or tablet. The best part is that the device allows you to speak to your little one and even play music through the app.

Better yet, the resolution on this baby monitor is top-of-the-line. The monitor offers a nonstop stream of 1080p video. Plus, you will get a constant update on the air quality. And, there’s more!

Frankly speaking, the device is so ahead in the race on technology that you will fall in love with it. Unlike the competition, the NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor features temperature sensors that ensures that your little one is not cooking in an 85F plus room.

From the fantastic night vision, great camera, to humidity monitor, and more, the device has everything in place to monitor your child from anywhere. You will even receive phone notifications when the baby moves or cries.


  • For the intended use, the NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor works like a charm. You will hear everything clearly, and the video quality is top notch as well. As hinted before, it has great night visions, and the range is excellent too. Better yet, it doesn’t fail to alert a user on his/her phone
  • The device is smartly built to allow parents to grant permissions to relatives to keep an eye on the baby. All they need to do is download an app to see the baby from anywhere through the mobile app or on the web browser
  • This baby monitor is easy to set up. Moreover, the power/recharging cord is sufficiently long, approximately six feet. Not to forget the fact that it’s remotely accessible and Alexa compatible too. Simply put, this device is truly much better than your regular baby monitor


  • For the device to work, it needs a reasonably good Wi-Fi connection. Lack of good Wi-Fi signal might turn it into a subpar product. It might keep buffering or not sync well. So, make sure that you have a strong Internet connection before getting this product or else you might lose 10 pounds on sweat
  • Investment and functionality-wise, it’s a must-have device. However, it may not suit guys with lighter wallets. As you might expect, all the added features come at a cost. That said, if the price of this monitor is in harmony with your wallet, you can get it without missing a heartbeat

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

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Well, this is not exactly a baby monitor, but it gets the job done. For the design, simplicity, utility, and ease of set up, it can beat a regular baby monitor by a landslide. Therefore, we welcome this device with open arms to our admirable list of baby monitors.

Even if you are not an Amazon fanboy, this product can prove to be an ice-breaker between you and Amazon. Yes, Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera is feature rich to leave its mark on the naysayers as well.

The security camera lets you listen and talk to any person at home. So, you can transmit an audio with your soothing voice on the go to calm a crying baby. The video quality is truly crisp and has a high resolution too. Therefore, you won’t miss anything important due to poor video quality. This can be classed as a long range baby monitor.

The infrared LEDs will get their job done without disturbing your little one. So, the product does have some trophy-winning features to it. Let’s get to the pros and cons of this baby monitor to know more about the Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera.


  • The image quality (1080p) is great during the day and night as well, even in low lighting conditions. Also, the sound pick-up on this thing is amazing. It can catch even a whisper. Moreover, the time lag with the real world is very little on this cam
  • The two-way communication feature makes it a breeze to communicate with family members when you are away from home. The tool works with Alexa too. Also, a wall-mount is included in the deal. Other goodies include free cloud storage and a long power cord


  • To set zones, you are expected to get at least a basic plan (should have been free). Also, the device isn’t waterproof. So, don’t expect it to work in outdoor settings. Moreover, the power light cannot be turned off. As an alternative, you can cover it with black tape
  • A ‘person detected’ alert may not always be for an actual human being. It could be your cat! That said, the device does allow you to set up zones to exclude usually occupied cat areas to enable the baby monitor to tell the difference between a cat and a person

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1

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This baby monitor will ensure that your baby will never go unattended. The device has every capability that you would expect from a top shelf baby monitor. To begin with, the video quality and the sound is spot on. The alert system works 100% fine, most of the time.

The viewing angle is also second to none. The sleep tips are a cut above the scope too. On all accounts, this device is perfect if you want to see/hear your little angel 100% of the time.

Keep in mind that the device lets you monitor your baby live or review the feeds of the day, whenever you prefer. The ‘Nanit Activity ‘log enables you to go through the baby’s activities through pics and video recaps. Frankly speaking, the morning dashboard is obsessive.

You will love watching the time-lapse every morning. Clearly, the inventors didn’t miss a beat with the design and utility of this product. Therefore, it would prove to be an awesome investment to monitor the baby from the palms of your hands.


  • The device comes with temperature and humidity sensors (along with notifications). It’s also able to tell the baby’s sleep patterns. So, it’s a really smart baby monitor. Therefore, it would definitely prove to be a bliss for the sleep-deprived parents out there, and, of course, others too
  • The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is extremely easy to set up and use. Moreover, the device enables you to add multiple people (nannies, grandparents) to have an extra set of eyes on the baby. Better yet, the permission granted person can be added with zero rights to the actual app


  • The night vision quality on this baby monitor isn’t the best. It could have been much better. It clearly falls short in comparison to what the product is able to do in other areas. Also, there’s no two-way communication on this device

Wansview Wireless 1080p Security Camera

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Let’s enter the budget market with this Wansview Wireless 1080p Security Camera another best baby first years baby monitor on the list. The product deserves a major prop for allowing users to access the footage from just about anywhere.

Basic functionality aside, this budget security camera has many other insightful features for its affordable price tag. Anyone looking for an inexpensive and top rated baby monitor in its class, this one will prove to be a cracker of a deal.

Technically speaking, it isn’t just one of the best baby monitor, but it can be used both as a security camera/baby monitor. Not to forget the fact that this 1080p device costs a fraction of other similar security tools out there. Both the picture and the sound quality are in line with other high-end devices out there.

So, you are not gambling with your hard-earned money. Furthermore, the security camera supports all the modern-day devices such as the PC Software (Windows and MAC), OS/Android devices/ & tablets.


  • You will be able to see the entire crib. Because of this, you will be able to tell if the child is awake or fast asleep. Most of the other cameras out there simply provide a side view. If the baby turns away from the camera, you will not know whether the baby’s eyes are open or shut. But, the wide view of this camera is a game changer
  • It has night vision camera to help you watch the baby remotely all throughout the night. Furthermore, the camera rotates 360-degrees to provide a complete view of the baby’s room, and the device comes with two-way communication to take baby monitoring to a whole new level. You can speak and listen to the baby anytime due to this feature. The best part is that the Wansview Wireless 1080p Security Camera hardly loses Wi-Fi connection
  • Truthfully speaking, the ‘price’ is hands down the most eye-catching thing about this camera. Given the low-pricing, it’s hard to beat this wireless security camera for its price point. It’s very affordable, durable, and reliable, all at the same time. Also, the makers offer free return and exchange services within the first 60-days of the order


  • For the camera to work on this best baby monitor, it has to stay plugged in at all times. Also, there is no cloud storage feature on this security camera. On the bright side, this also saves you from the monthly storage fee or subscription charges, which are generally attached to the use of such software

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

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If you are looking for a newer device without the age-old technology, the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor should be in your wish list. This best baby monitor screams high quality and great utility all day long.

It’s features, clarity, quality, and range make it a no-frills choice on any given day of the week.

If you do a side-by-side comparison of this baby monitor with its rivals, it will put its rivals to shame. Not to undermine the fact that this baby monitor is not sold at an eye-watering price tag.

Of course, there are some dark clouds to the silver lining (which are discussed in the product cons section), but the product is a clear winner. The buyer of this baby monitor will surely get a good deal. You should also take note that this is a good long range baby monitor.


  • The lens options make this device a highly versatile product. For those who don’t know, the baby monitor comes with three different regular and optical lenses. Users can also zoom the lenses for better and improved resolution. Moreover, the picture quality on this baby monitor is good during the day and night as well. Users can also control the camera angle with their headset. The battery life on this device is great as well
  • This best baby monitor has other striking features as well to separate itself from the crowd. For instance, the product doesn’t miss out on the infrared light output to let you see your baby even in pitch dark environments. The room temperature reading is another nice feature, which contributes to the baby’s comfort. Better yet, the video capability of this baby monitor is a great mood enhancer. It will brighten your mood even on a bad hair day


  • Higher volume would have been a great plus point for this product. At the moment, it’s the weakest link to this baby monitor. As such, the volume is fine, but it would have been way better. Other than this, there are no jaw-dropping pitfalls to this best baby monitor

Best Baby Monitor Buying Guide

With the product reviews out of the way, we can move on to the best baby monitor buying guide. Unlike the product reviews, this guide is going to be utter crap, and honestly, not very helpful. Just kidding!

This would prove to be a highly insightful read for all the folks out there who want to learn how to distinguish a good long range baby monitor from the sea of options out there. We will mainly focus on the features that you need to look for, when shopping for a highly rated baby monitor.

Audio Vs. Video Feature

When given a choice and when it comes to selecting the best baby monitor, go for a long range baby monitor that comes equipped with both audio and video capabilities.

Even if you were to save a little extra to pay a tad bit more for a baby monitor with a child viewing feature (video capabilities), you wouldn’t have a regretful face. Keep in mind that a baby monitor with video capabilities will also serve as a home surveillance camera.

So, you will be hitting two birds with a single brick. Not to forget the fact that the peace of mind that you will derive from actually seeing the baby (although from another room or location) is totally unmatched.

Night Vision Light

As you might expect, the best baby monitor should be built with a lot of attention to details. They should not be a result of a rush job. So, pick something that doesn’t throw off a lot of light, especially in night vision mode. A product’s inability to do so will wake up the baby. Thus, the whole purpose of getting a baby monitor will get flushed down the drain.

The fact that babies get disturbed pretty easily, you cannot afford to cast a blind eye to this feature. Of course, the chosen night vision baby monitor should also provide a crystal-clear image of a child (as clearly as one would see in daylight).

Activity Notifications

Goes without saying, it won’t be humanly possible to keep a close eye on the baby 24/7. So, you would need something in the device that can beat this human drawback. Simply put, you will have to choose a baby monitor that has some sort of motion detection features to it to alert you of the baby’s night time sounds.

For those who don’t know, special sensors are installed in baby monitors to track a child’s movement to alert parents of situations that may pose a problem. Believe it or not, this can prove to be a lifesaving feature in a baby monitor.

Smartphone Enabled

In today’s age of smartphones, don’t you think it would be much easier to track a baby on the smartphone than any other device out there? So, go for one of the best baby monitor models that’s smartphone integrated. This way, you will always be able to keep a watchful eye on your little one, even when you are on the move.

It’s a great feature to keep parents relaxed, especially when they are outside their homes. Of course, the chosen long-range baby monitor should allow you to view the footage not just on your smartphone, but also on your computer and iPads.

Baby monitor with 2 cameras

A baby monitor with 2 cameras can be very useful in the baby room and in your toddler’s bedroom. This way you can hear or see several children on 1 parent unit. Check price and ratings on Amazon

The Range

When choosing a new baby monitor it is very important to look at the range. This determines how far the transmitter and receiver can be placed as far apart as possible without losing a signal.

So it is good to know how big your house and garden are. The baby monitor you choose must have sufficient range to go wherever you want inside and outside your home
There are special long-range baby monitors that should have a longer range than standard baby monitors. Fortunately, most baby monitors have an indicator light that lights up when the signal gets too weak.

If you want to ensure that you always have reached, choose a baby monitor that is connected to the internet. As long as you are connected to the internet, your baby monitor has range.

The sensors on a baby monitor

Baby monitors are getting more and more functionalities. A baby monitor that is equipped with sensors allows you to monitor more than just sound and image. For example, there are baby monitors that measure the temperature and humidity of the baby’s room.

They warn you if a sudden change occurs. In addition, there are baby monitors with motion sensors. These warn you if there is movement in the nursery.

 Extra Features:

There’s nothing like getting a bunch of extra features on the best baby monitor at a budget price. After all, a host of extra features won’t hurt, right? Today’s baby monitors come with temperature, humidity, breathing, heart rate, and sleep pattern readings too.

Although you should not base your purchase decision based on the extra features, these can be helpful, especially when you don’t feel like you are paying anything extra for them.

Gladly enough, we have included products in our reviews that come with a lot of extras without the extra cost attached to them. So, the science textbook worth of research work is already done by us. You can simply enjoy the fruits of labor by choosing any one of our reviewed products.


On the whole, the first year baby monitor should fit your budget, and it should be easy to use and install. Ultimately, it should also provide you with great peace of mind, knowing that you can always have a check on your baby without any fuss. The baby monitors that you can buy are already laid out in front of you. So, go ahead and make a smart choice for yourself and your little ones.

If there’s anything else you would like to learn or know on the best baby monitor, do comment below. Your opinions, suggestions, and queries matter and are always welcome. Be sure to check out some of the other posts including the Best Baby Crib and Buyers’ Guide (Updated 2019)

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