8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Swing

8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Swing

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A baby swing can be a lifesaver for most parents. However, with the plethora of choices in the market, the task of buying a swing can be baffling sometimes. The newborn baby swing can be useful for the first few months when the baby weighs around 30 pounds. However, some swing manufacturers discourage parents to use swings after the baby grows 25 pounds, for safety reasons.

The mothers must understand that a swing cannot replace the need for human touch. You need to know how much time the baby should spend on the swing. An hour of swing time is suitable when the baby is not sleeping.

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So, now the question is – what to look for when you are buying a swing for your baby?

Type of Swing

When you are trying to buy a swing for babies, you need to look at the types of swings that are getting sold in the market. You will get multiple types of swings including – basic swings, entertainment swings, and no-frill swings.

What type of swing you buy for your baby depends on two important factors – the space which you can allocate for the swing and the need for mobility. If you live in a small apartment that the modern era has bestowed on most families, you need to opt for a small baby swing.

Battery Operated Swings or Plugin Swings

Battery operated swings can be handy as these swings produce a soothing humming sound which helps babies to sleep better. However, it is better to go for plug-in swings as battery-operated swings might require a lot of batteries for continuous operation.

Safety Harness

Before buying a swing for babies you need to check on the safety harness of the swings. The harness system is important because it prevents babies from slipping and falling from the swing. 5 point safety harness swings are more preferable than 3 point harness swings.

Speed and Swing Motion

The rocking motion is another important factor that you must consider before buying the swing for your baby. You can go for a swing that rocks side to side or you can go for a swing that rocks head to toe. There are some modern swings which come with bouncy seats.

Once you have considered the type of swing, you need to look at the bedding of the swing.

You need to assess the bedding carefully before buying the swing. Unlike the general belief, the bedding of the swing must be firm. Usually, people go for soft bedding. But, fluffy bedding can expose the baby to the risk of suffocation as the babies sink into the fluffy bedding.

While you are considering the bedding, you need to consider the pillow as well. It is safe to buy the attached pillow so that your baby cannot pull it over the face which can put the baby to risk of suffocation.

Structure of the Swing

The sturdiness is the next feature to look for when you are buying a newborn baby swing. The swing stands should be sturdy so that it prevents tripping. If the stand of the swing is not sturdy, you will not be able to place it properly. Sturdiness plays an important role in case there is a pet at your home.

Mosquito Net

Mosquito net can be an important feature to look at in case you live in an area which is prone to mosquito attack. However, the attached mosquito net can be essential as it keeps insects away from the baby. So, experts encourage the mothers to go for a baby swing which comes with the attached mosquito net.

Installation Factor

Installation takes time and you must look for a swing that is easy to install. In most cases, parents go for the folding baby swings. If you are not at ease with the nails and screws, don’t go for the swings which demand a complicated installation process. A lightweight baby swing is always preferable. However, you must not compromise on the sturdiness of the baby swing.

When you are buying a swing for your baby, you need to focus on some important factors. You must pay attention to the assembling of the swing. You need to keep the safety harness buckled up.

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Some Pros and Cons to Consider

Each baby swing has its own pros and cons. Before you buy a baby swing for your baby, you need to consider the pros and cons properly.

Travel baby swings are very small and these are easy to carry when you are traveling. These swings are also affordable. This is why if you are living in a small apartment, you can opt for this swing.

However, these swings have some drawbacks as well. Travel baby swings are not the right swings for sleeping babies. Bigger swings are a better choice when you want your baby to rest and sleep on the swing.

Travel swings are also low and this is why these swings are not suitable for all babies. Additionally, swing timer does not always work when it comes to travel baby swing.

Full-sized swings are the most famous among the parents. You can get a full-sized swing easily for your baby. It offers a full swinging motion which is perfect for resting babies. Full-sized swings don’t have a timer. Therefore, you will not have to keep checking on your baby continuously. Some full-sized baby swings come with plug-in facilities. This will prevent you from buying batteries. These swings can safely hold babies of any size and shape.

The main problem with a full-sized baby swing is the price. These swings are expensive as these come with different features. The size of the swing can play a role against it as well. If you live in a small apartment, this type of swing will not be suitable for you.

If you buy a full-sized baby swing which gets operated by batteries, you will have to buy a lot of batteries. Lastly, these types of swings are heavy which makes it difficult to carry them around.

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