Why Baby should Sleep In a Crib

Why Baby should Sleep In a Crib

Is it really compulsory that your baby should sleep in a crib as she grows up? Or Why should baby sleep in a crib?

This is probably the question on the mind of most expectant moms. As they’re planning for the arrival of their newborn, they’re curious to know what is expected of them to care for their would-be baby and they want to know if the crib is one of the essentials to be added to their baby registry. Well, every mom does feel the same way and so it’s normal if you do.

The truth is using a crib for your baby is one of the safest things to do. Cribs don’t only make sleeping time comfortable for her but also prevent suffocation and other sleep-related causes of infant deaths like SIDS (sudden Infants Death Syndrome). No wonder sleep experts recommend creating a safe sleep environment for your newborn after leaving the hospital.

However, there is the thing you need to avoid when putting your baby in the crib. Things like blanket, lovey, and pillow shouldn’t be placed in the crib as these can increase the risk of suffocation.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why a baby should sleep in a crib, pros, and cons of using it, and many more.

Where Is The Safest Sleep Space for Your Baby?

With the arrival of your newborn, what comes to your next is how to tend for her. One of the most important things she needs at this time is food and good sleep. And, the best sleep place that should come to your mind is in a crib or bassinet. And as such, it would be advisable if you get her this comfortable space to sleep in.

However, there are certain things you need to take note of while putting your baby in the crib.

What Are The Safest Way to Put Your Baby in A Crib?

  • Make sure she sleep always on her back and on a flat, firm surface.
  • Avoid bed-sharing with her. Put her to sleep in her crib.
  • Use the safest and most standard crib or bassinet for her sleep space.
  • Do away with things such as a pillow, lovey, and blanket.
  • Do away with her toys, crib bumpers, soft objects, and loose bedding.
  • Avoid sleeping a stroller or car seat.

What Are The Benefits of Cribs to Babies?

The benefits of using a crib for our babies can’t be over-emphasized. As you brought your babies home from the hospital, one of the first thing you need to consider is where she sleeps. Using a crib for your babies at this stage have a number of vital benefits. First, you need to understand why it’s important to keep your close to your bed (not to sleep in the same bed, though) in her first year of life. This, according to expert will reduce the risk of SIDS. However, there are no fast and hard rules here.

Here are some of the benefits of using a baby crib:

  • It helps improve your child healthy sleep.
  • It reduces the chances of injuries.
  • It reduces the risk of sleep-related causes of infant death like SIDS.
  • It serves as a perfect play area for the baby.
  • It is the safest and best sleep space for the child.
  • It’s one of the essentials for your baby.

Why Cribs Are The Safest Place to Put Your Baby?

Baby crib is not only by our opinion the safest sleep environment it’s also accepted by the expert as the safest area for an infant that meets the federal and industry standards. There are several proofs to buttress this including strong evidence that proves that putting a baby in an adult bed will increase her exposure to several potentially fatal hazards.

In a study by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it was found out that over 500 death of infants below the age of 2 years that occurred from 1990-1997 were as a result of sleeping in adult beds. This alone proves how unsafe is putting your baby in an adult bed as against the crib. In other words, these deaths could have been simply averted if those parents had embraced the use of crib instead of sharing a bed with those kids.

In most cases, many moms who practice bad sharing believe that by doing so they’ll be able to breastfeed their little ones as frequent as possible. Although one could agree with them that this has health benefits on the children, this shouldn’t be seen as an excuse as sleeping in a separate bed doesn’t in any way prevent the moms from breastfeeding their babies whenever they wish to. Bed sharing will only post more danger to your child’s health than the good.

If you must breastfeed your baby in this way (while bed-sharing) you should return her to the crib immediately after the breastfeeding. Or better still, you can choose to move her crib close to your bed.

Overall, parents should realize that placing babies in adult bed increases the risk of suffocation and SIDS and as such, it should be avoided. In view of the above evidence, we are certain that cribs are the best place to put your baby.

Wrapping Up

So you can now understand why a baby should sleep in a crib while growing up. It’s not only because it’s the safest sleep environment that meets the relevant government bodies and industry, but it’s also because it reduces the risk of the causes of sleep-related infant death known as SIDS.

Moreso, putting your baby in adult beds is another no-go area and you should avoid it. This because it has been proved to pose great hazards to the child’s health.

In view of this, you should consider putting your baby in a crib and you can rest assured she will be free from any sleep-related problems.

Hope you found this article helpful? What other reasons do you have to prove that babies should sleep in a crib?

We will be glad to hear your views.

Thanks for reading!!!

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