Best Cribs 2019 and Buyers’ Guide

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Most people will find it difficult to find the best baby cribs from the wide-range of varieties they get in the market and, sadly, they give up on an idea of buying any. If you are looking for the best crib of 2019 read further to find out more.

Baby cribs for an infant require a significant investment. It is not just about the money. It is about safety, reliability, and convenience.

Overall, to save you time our top choice on this list is the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. It is the top rated baby crib because, it is stylish, has an adjustable mattress, and turns into a toddler’s bed. You will get a lot of use and value out of this crib. We do suggest you read this entire article to get a solid idea on which crib might be best for you.


A Spotlight On Some of The Best Baby Cribs 2019

The DaVinci Autumn 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

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Your toddler needs plenty of sleep every night to grow happy and healthy. For that, you will need to provide your toddler with a relaxing and convenient crib. That crib needs to be aesthetically pleasing and has to fit your baby’s nursery precision just like the DaVinci Autumn 4-in-1 Convertible Crib one of the best baby cribs in my list.

The design of DaVinci Crib is visually appealing and comes with a handful of different colors like espresso, slate, and white. Having different color choices gives you an excellent opportunity to personalize the crib ensuring you will find a style that fits in your home perfectly. Regardless of what style you choose, you are guaranteed that the DaVinci Crib will look amazing once assembling is fully completed.

For the DaVinci Autumn Crib to fit perfectly within your home, you should take your time to scrutinize its ideal weight and size. Once the crib is fully assembled, it should weigh around 65 pounds.

After the assembling process, the crib should measure 58 by 29.5 by 46.2 inches. This will provide your baby with enough sleeping space, and you do not need to worry about struggling to move the crib to other places.

Baby cribs are only useful for a certain period of your baby’s life. Once your baby grows older, you will have to get him or her a bed. However, the good news is that the DaVinci Autumn Crib is not only one of the best baby cribs but is a fully adaptable crib meaning you can convert the crib for your baby to a full-sized bed. Even you may have to purchase conversion kits or other additional items, the flexibility offered by the DaVinci Autumn Crib is very beneficial while significantly enhancing its value.

Overall, there is plenty to love about the DaVinci Autumn 4-in-1 Convertible Crib. It looks beautiful, has a lot of space and will keep your baby comfortable and safe all through the night. Even though the assembly guidelines could have been little informative, the process is not that tough, and most consumers should be able to pull it off by themselves.


  • It is Greenguard Certified with a non-toxic finish
  • The crib converts easily to grow with your child
  • This crib is sturdy and does not wobble at all


  • The assembly instructions are difficult to understand
  • You may need to hire a professional handyman to set up your crib


Dream On Me 7-In-1 Violet Convertible Crib Review

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The Dream One Me7-In-1 Violet Convertible Crib , another one of the best baby cribs, can transform into a toddler or full twin bed. They have safety rails that prevent a toddler from falling on the floor when converting from crib to bed. This convertible crib allows your child to grow with the bed. If you looking for a crib with mattress then this is perfect for your budget.

It has an adjustable mattress with a support system to those who suffer from backaches daily. It is adjustable hence you have to choose from four positions to pick the child from the crib without bending over. This is to avoid back pains. The mattress support will also assist the child to get in and out of bed with ease hence preventing injury risks.

Appearance and design are important when purchasing a toddler crib. The weight and dimensions of the crib is vital. One can know the durability and stability of the crib by weight. The Dream One Me 7-in-1 Crib weighs about 44 pounds. Although it may be heavy, you can sleep soundly knowing your baby will not fall while sleeping. It measures 58cm by 29cm by 39cm when used as a crib. This a right size of a crib and can fit in the nursery easily.

Many cribs do not have maximum weight and are dangerous for toddlers. The good thing about the Dream One Me 7-In-1 Convertible Violet Crib can support weights up to 50 pounds. This guarantees that the child can use the crib for many years. Due to its convertibility, the baby can grow with it. For these reasons, it makes it one of the best baby cribs.

The Dream One Me 7-In-1 Convertible Crib is made out of hardwood which is durable for a long time. The appearance is appealing to the eyes. The design also is beautiful.


  • This crib is known for being comfortable
  • It is simple and easy to assemble
  • It is made with beautiful craftsmanship
  • Most importantly it is durable and will last a long time


  • It gets scratches on it easily
  • This crib can be unstable


Graco Benton 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

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Graco Benton 5-in-1 Convertible Crib is a lifelong crib that matures gracefully with your baby from infancy to childhood up to their adult lives. With its incredible design and sturdy structure. It becomes a sofa bed and double bed. This bed has a stationary railway design that offers maximum product safety.

You can easily reach your child because the crib is located close to the floor. It features a 4-position, adjustable mattress system. This beautiful piece of children’s room furniture grows with your child’s transition smoothly into a child’s bed, a sofa bed, and double bed.

All tools for assembly included. Accommodates Dream On Me standard crib mattress, sold separately. All Dream On Me cribs complies with all applicable ASTM and CPSC standards.


  • Cribs converters in a child’s bed, a sofa bed, and full-size bed
  • Child Handrail, Stabilizer, and Full-Size Rail each are sold separately. The bed frame and mattress is not included
  • Tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards. ASTM and CPSC Certified
  • All mounting hardware included. Assembled Dimensions: 54″ W x 44″ H. X 38″ P x 44″ H Product weight: 49 lbs
  • 4-position mattress support system with solid pine wood finish


  • This item is imported
  • Recommended to purchase all accessories within a one-year time frame after buying the crib
  • The crib requires assembly


Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

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The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib is another one of the best baby cribs on my list. It is the perfect addition to any modern nursery. It is lower in height than your average crib, which allows petite parents easy access to their child. It is a quality crib that will last for years.

It includes a toddler bed conversion kit making it easy to transition the crib into a daybed for your toddler. It comes in a variety of woods and colors, but the white color is the most popular choice among consumers.

When it comes to quality Babyletto deserves a thumb’s up. It is of pine, which does scratch easily. However, consumers love that you can get that modern look on a budget. Normally cribs with a modern, mid-century look cost double the price of the Babyletto Hudson Crib.

One noticeable feature is that it has all-spindle sides. All spindle sides mean there is nothing on any side of the crib that can obstruct the view of your child. You can keep an eye on your child from anywhere in the room. Or if you wanted to take a quick peek at night, you can easily crack the door open and see your baby without having to disturb them.

It also features a four level adjustable mattress. You can adjust the mattress frame to 4 different heights. This feature is ideal for petite parents who want to be able to reach their baby in the crib easily.

Finally, it also converts into a toddler’s daybed. So, it will last you a long time, and you will not be out of luck when your child outgrows the crib. Overall, this is one of the best cribs on the market.


  • It is a 3-in-1 Convertible Crib
  • It can hold a child up to 50 pounds in weigh
  • It features a non-toxic and beautiful finish
  • All of the hardware is hidden from view
  • You can adjust the height of the mattress


  • The feet of the crib are unprotected and can scratch hardwood floors
  • It is a little more expensive than competitor brands



Delta Children Archer Solid Panel 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib Review

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Delta children Archer solid panel 4-in -1 convertible baby crib, another one of the best baby cribs is multipurpose designed to meet any nursery style. It can be changed from a toddlers bed to a daybed and a full-size can be used from when a child is a newborn up to a child’s teen years.

Its features include a solid gently arched headboard, open slats. Its design is improved to ensure a child’s safety as the child grows up. Its a standard crib constructed with durable, solid manufactured wood (pine).

It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. It has an adjustable mattress height into three positions as the baby grows. Its design can accessorize any dé can also complement any family’s budget with a sale price of $229.99. It is easy to assemble.

As the child grows, the crib can be lowered to ensure a child’s safety. The toddler guardrail is removed to convert it to a daybed to provide more space and freedom for the child. The toddler and full-size bed include both a headboard and a footboard. The toddler bed rail and full-size bed rails are sold separately. Other specifications such as additional spacing are sold separately too.

A standard size mattress for cribs can fit in it The bed is available in three different colors; black, Bianca and is JPMA certified and is tested according to the annual independent laboratory testing to ensure the child’s safety as they grow up.

It is tested or toxic elements including lead for safety standards, which is why it is one of the best baby cribs you can buy. It is readily available on different online shops including Amazon.

This specific crib can be recommended to all parents trying to find suitable baby beds for their children. It meets all safety standards and can also meet many parents taste and choice.


  • Having a choice of colors
  • Has durable wood construction
  • Crib is ASTM and JPMA certified


  • Toddler guardrail & the full-size rail are all sold separately
  • The bed frame and mattress are not included with this crib.
  • This product is a bit expensive

best baby cribs


Best Baby Crib Buying Guide

Cribs are essential to your newborn child, only the best baby cribs. It is the safest sleeping vital need for your newborn. There are other sleeping products like cradles, bassinets, and bedside sleepers but they don’t have attributes as a crib does.

Cribs are also so much more money as they are long term too. The federal government regulates them due to safety concerns, and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA) certifies many cribs. There are no standards for Moses baskets or co-sleepers, so it’s best to stay away from them; however, some bassinets and baskets are certified by the JPMA.

If you’d like the perfect and safest crib possible for your child, there are simple standards that are recommended by the JPMA that can help contribute to purchasing a crib. This guide can help you find a perfect crib, so your child can rest.

Simple can be safest.

Some of the safest cribs are the simplest designs. Too many details can make it uncomfortable for your child and infants may struggle sleeping or relaxing. Reading this guide can help you save for the best.

As of 2011, Consumer Products Safety Commissions regulations require full sized cribs to eliminate all uses for drop-side models. Drop-side model cribs are cribs with sides that can be lowered which can be dangerous if your child falls out, there has been 32 and ongoing deaths during the past few years due to drop-side models.

Drop-side models are now considered hazardous, and we advise you not to buy them.

Do Not Buy A Used Crib

If possible, purchase new cribs. It is recommended to buy new cribs models because older models may not have met the safety standards or might be in disrepair. It is by law that all crib has displayed the date of production on the shipping package.

Even though the crib may be considered safe, be sure to measure the crib before and after constructing it. Ensure that the measurement allows a stable crib. If the slats are 2 3/8 inches apart, it is too far and considered unsafe.

Check for subtle hazards such as shard edges, chipped wood, nails or bolts that may be poking out as they may cause irritation or cut your child. Buying a new crib reduces the encounters of these hidden dangers as well as unstable/ loose hardware. Still having issues on deciding which baby crib to choose? Read our how to choose the best baby crib guide here.

Check Construction & Stability

Everyone will probably check the stability of the crib they have or are potentially buying. But are you doing it correctly?

Testing the strength and durability of the crib before and after purchasing the crib is crucial. Without applying excessive or unnecessary pressure and shaking the crib can easily detect its strength. Be cautious for loose hardware, untightened assembled parts or cracking if the material is wood, some woods may not be as strong.

Consider the Mattress when purchasing one of the best baby cribs

Mattresses are usually sold separately, so it’s important that when buying a mattress they fit. By law, all mattresses used for full-sized cribs must be at least 27 ¼ inches wide by 515/8 inches long and no more than 6 inches thick, this is for safety matters and concerns. Be sure to check if the mattress is a good fit and doesn’t move too much when it’s in the crib. We recommend to buy a organic crib mattress. This is better for your baby

Make sure the mattress is right for your child and doesn’t have any poor production, ensure there are no springs or bumps. Make sure you assemble the mattress correctly and stably onto the crib and regularly check for loose joints or attachments. Make also sure you buy a breathable crib mattress. You can find it here 

Make sure that as your baby grows, you change the size/ height of the mattress to ensure they do not climb out of the crib. Be sure to check the development because you may not realize how fast a newborn grows. If the child ever “escapes” out of the crib, do not put it back in without ensuring they’re unable to escape. You can find the best baby matresses here

Use Proper Sheets

After buying mattresses be sure to purchase fitting sheets too. Make sure the measurements are correct and fit tightly when tucked in. If it doesn’t fit it may get uncomfortable or lose, this is harmful because the child may be able to kick/ pull the sheets out which can get them entangled or suffocated.

Test that the sheet is sturdy and fits in properly, this can be done by merely tucking it in and giving it a little pull.

Make sure the material of the sheet is safe for your child and will not give them a rash, remember to check the material and details of the product.

Resist the urge to place cute stuffed toys or any objects next to your child by the crib or in. These can cause suffocation for your child. This also involved pillows, quilts, and heavier blankets, these should not be in the crib. Make sure your child is comfortable, warm and safe, possibly in a wearable blanket.

If you are looking for a baby crib sheet set then you have to check it here

What else should you pay attention to?

• Make sure that there are no unsafe items in or around the bed. Big hugs or pillows are dangerous for your baby, so wait until your child is two years old.
• Place the bed at a safe distance from curtain cords and cords and hang any mobile above the bed out of reach of your child.
• Do you paint the crib yourself? Then use water-based paint. Preferably paint a few thin layers over each other. These are less likely to come off if your child nibbles or bites on the wood.
• Do not place the cot too close to the window. When your child is older, he can climb on the windowsill. You also have a chance of drafts.
• Do not place the crib near a stove or heater, otherwise your child may overheat. The ideal bedroom temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.
• Do not use sheepskin or lambskin in a crib. A sheepskin is very warm, which increases the chance of heat build-up.
• Do not use a tarp or mattress cover with an impermeable layer. If you want this, do not put it under your child’s head.


Giving up on buying a crib can be one of your biggest mistakes. I understanding finding and acquiring only one of the best baby cribs can be time consuming and certainly a challenge. However, don’t forget a good night’s sleep is essential for the mental and physical upbringing of your child.

Only the best baby cribs of quality will provide this environment and protect your little one. So, if you want your baby to be near you safe all night then, you should invest in one of the best baby cribs featured above. Tell us in the comments below when you are expecting your little one! And be sure to check out our guide on the best baby monitor.

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