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Best Foldable Baby Swings to Buy in 2021| Infant Stuff Reviews

If you are short on space around the home the last thing you need is a huge baby swing in the way. The good news is that you can get baby swings that are foldable and easy to store.

Another reason you might want a collapsible swing for your baby is to take it on holiday with you. Yes these are just perfect for travelling with too.

When these swings are folded down they take up very little room, some can be so small they can even fit into a suitcase.

best foldable baby swings to buy

We have a guide that reveals all the best baby swings on the market right now.

The ones that take up less room are perfect for small spaces, not only can they fold down but they are lightweight too and easy to move around.

What do you need to know about baby swings that fold up? We reveal everything about the including their best features and why they are the best buy.

The top 5 baby swings that can fold up small include:

  1. Graco Portable Cozy Kingdom Baby Swing
  2. Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing and Seat
  3. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing
  4. Fisher Price Papasan Starlight Cradle Swing
  5. Ingenuity Convert Me Swing

You can read more about the top 2 swings below.

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We have taken the time to test and review the top two baby swings in this category.

We reveal why they are the best and detail what they offer in terms of modes and functions.

Best Foldable Baby Swing Reviews

We have tried and tested the top two foldable baby swings, read our reviews to help you decide which one will be the best choice for your baby to use.

This type of baby swing range in price between $50 and $150. Remember you only get in return what you pay for.

#1 Graco Portable Cozy Kingdom Baby Swing

swings for babies that are foldable
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The swing folds down fast and easy with a few easy clicks of a button on the side of the swing.

The machine becomes very small when folded down and can easily fit into a backpack or small bag. It will take up very little room in a cupboard.

The seat has a super safe 5 point harness surrounded by soft material to keep baby comfortable at all times.

The swing comes with 6 different sounds and 6 different swing speeds built in, your baby is sure to have fun when using it.

The fabrics can be removed easily for cleaning, it can be put into the washing machine.

The unit has a toy bar above babies head which include two toys that swing along to the sounds to keep babies attention for hours on end.

The swing can be powered by batteries only, easily collapsible and just perfect for use when travelling.

If you need any more details you can find the user manual here for this swing.

Top tip: always keep an eye on your baby in the swing by using a long range baby monitor.

To take a look at this swing in action see the video below:

#2 Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing and Seat

easy to carry foldable baby swing
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This baby swing is the most compact of them all when folded up. The swing can be used inside and outside and is very small indeed when not in use.

The swing can be used at six different speeds getting faster and slower from settings 1 to 6.

The unit has 6 in built sounds and music to keep baby happy if they are not having a good time of it.

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The swing can be powered completely by batteries alone, so is just perfect for taking travelling too.

The padding can be removed and is also able to be cleaned in the washing machine or soapy water in the sink.

If the baby wants the swing to stop and rest for some sleep time this can be achieved by attaching the straps to make the swing stable from movement at all times.

It is one of the low cost options and is very reasonably priced considering what you get for your money.

This swing only operates from back and forth, it does not go side to side like some other baby swings do.

To convert the swing to folded it can be done fast and easy, this is a big advantage over others on the market right now.

Yes it is basic, but this might be exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to know more about this swing you can see the user manual here.

Take a look at the video below for more information about the swing:

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If you have any further questions about any of the collapsible baby swings that fold down to a small size please leave a comment or send us an email today.

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