what is the best swing for newborns

What is the Best Swing for Newborns in 2021

best swings for newborn

What is the best swing for newborns?

We are often asked, what is the best swing for newborns? Every new mother worries that they are doing the right thing for their new baby. This article lets you know what a real mom of 4 kids thinks is the best swing for newborns.

A baby swing is something that’s not necessary but believe me it is a life saver, especially when you have a newborn to deal with.

Everybody knows that newborn babies cry a lot and sometimes have trouble settling to sleep. That’s where the best swing for newborns comes into play.

A great baby swing will help calm an unsettled baby.

Before you buy a baby swing you must be aware that some of them have seats that do not recline and some swings only sway in one direction.

A newborn baby likes to hear soft, white noise and feel vibrations. This helps settle them giving them familiar sounds of being in the womb.

The good news is that baby swings are available that vibrate. Swings are also available with sounds and music to help them calm down. A vibrating baby swing is perfect for babies that suffer from colic.

Also, take note of the swing direction. Some swings only go back and forth, while others go back and forth and side to side.

Why is this important?

Some babies only like one or the other motion feelings, so it’s good the swing offers both so you get value for your money.

For a swing to be good for a newborn baby it must recline fully. Your newborn baby must be able to lie flat so they can breathe properly. Inclinations cause them to slump and this can inhibit their breathing.

Babies from 6 weeks old can sit in a swing that has a slight incline but the baby swing must also have good head support.

Always supervise your newborn baby in a baby swing.

Here are our recommendations for best swings for newborns. Quick picks are following or you can read our detailed review below…

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Graco DuoGlider

Our number one best baby swing for newborns is Graco DuoGlider. The reason we like this baby swing is because it can easily recline flat for a newborn. This makes it like a small crib.

Try not to make a habit of baby sleeping in this swing. Quality sleep is very important for your newborn and the best place for that is in a bed or crib. Babies need a good sleeping pattern. All baby swings are for temporary use.

The “cocoon” also totally surrounds your baby. Baby can not be bumped or knocked accidentally and their hands and feet won’t hang over the seat.

It has several vibration and movement settings which junior will like.

There are also a selection of tunes and sounds that should soothe a grumpy baby.

Good quality construction and sturdy on the floor.

Find out more information on Amazon by clicking here.

When can baby go in swing? Newborns must be at least 5.5 pounds in weight. They can use this swing until they are around 30 pounds in weight. A large baby swing takes up to 30 pounds and one goes up to 40 pounds.

OUR SAY…We really think this is the best baby swing for newborns. It reclines fully which is so important. Your baby is also fully enclosed in the “cocoon” which will reduce bumps and injuries. The movements and vibrations are also soft and cosy. A good quality unit that is a little more expensive than other models but excellent value.

Click here to find out more specifications about the Graco

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

This baby swing is the one of most popular of all time. It is reasonably priced at just over $100 and has everything your newborn would need to settle and sleep.

The main thing a newborn needs is very good head support. The Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy has a well-padded area to lay your little ones head. This swing is suited for a baby from about 4 weeks old that is starting to support their own head.

It does not fully recline to flat.

At 4 to 6 weeks age your baby will start to notice the world around them. This unit has a toy mobile over the babies head that grabs their attention. Babies really seem to like the faces on these overhead toys.

The sounds and music are very soothing. There are 2 different swinging motions that include front to back and side to side.

The swing come with a newborn head and body support to make the large swing seat smaller, perfect for smaller babies to use.

The swing is completely automatic, no manual use required. It is powered by an ac adaptor.

You can find out more on Amazon.

OUR SAY…This is a very popular swing with very good reviews. We agree. This is a good baby swing but for newborns from 4 weeks old.

Do not put a brand new baby in this swing as it does not recline fully. Your baby will need some head stability to use this swing. If junior slumps in this swing, wait until they are a little older to continue using.

We found that most babies really liked the faces on the mobile toys.

Well built, quality unit with a sturdy frame.

You can read more about the swing here.

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker

This makes our number two choice because it’s around $100 and doubles up as a rocker too, so you are getting a swing and rocker all in one product.

This one ticks all the boxes for a newborn, it has 3 recline positions and can sway side to side or front and back.

The rocker has a carry handle so you can move your baby around the house with you to keep them by your side at all times.

The swing can be used from birth by newborn babies right up to around 2 years of age, or they become 30 pounds in weight.

This swing also includes a vibration function, this is the best baby swing for babies that suffer from reflux or colic. It is a great colic baby swing.

The swing can be powered by batteries or ac adaptor, this means you can use it on the road as a travel swing too.

The swing can move at 6 different speeds, it has 2 speeds for vibrations and plays 10 music melodies and 5 nature sounds.

It takes up a small space, so is also great for people living in small apartments or homes short on space.

The only negative is the operating sound, however it’s not overly loud, the working noise is no louder than your TV playing in the background.

Do not worry about putting it together, it is very easy, absolutely anyone can do it. Just a few parts to put together, takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

To see the manual for this baby swing click here.

For more information about the swing take a look at this video:

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