10 Must have newborn baby list items

10 Must-Have Items for Newborn Babies

Welcoming a baby into your family is undoubtedly the happiest moment of your life. If you are keen to ensure that you are best prepared for this moment, then you should read on.

We’ll discuss the newborn baby list, things that you can set up at home, top baby items for new moms, and most other related topics here.

Most new parents tend to go all out to do everything they can to keep their babies happy during the first few days as they come face to face with the outside world.

Though you may have older relatives at home helping with these things it is always better to have a list of them ready, for your own good as you do not want to miss out on anything.

newborn must have items

Some of the must-include items in the newborn baby list

Are you bending your backs setting up the nursery in your home so that you can get everything ready by the time your baby comes home? Here are a few items that should mandatorily form part of this list.

Baby Crib

Needless to say, a crib is the first item that you should plan for when your baby is due to enter this world anytime soon. For the first few months, your baby will need a low-height bassinet or a three-sided crib.

Your baby will need a safe and durable crib because he is going to sleep on it for close to 20 hours a day at least for the first 3 to 6 months. The slats of the crib should not be more than 6cm apart.

This way, you can be sure your baby won’t slip through the crib, or his arms, legs or head won’t get stuck in the crib.

It is highly recommended that you get a new crib for your baby. However, if you have to use a hand-me-down crib as part of your family tradition, you need to ensure that you inspect it thoroughly for damages before you use it for your baby.

Mattress for the crib

Ensure you invest in few waterproof mattresses, few lightweight blankets, and soft crib sheets for your baby’s crib. Most parents make the mistake of keeping pillows, comforters, and other fluffy cushions in their baby’s crib.

These may improve the visual appeal of your baby’s crib, but they do nothing for the safety of your baby. Sometimes, they can also suffocate your baby, if they aren’t arranged properly.

Baby Swing

A swing is a must –have item in your house when you have a newborn. Your baby will love to be seated on the swing when he is not in your arms. You can make him sit there while feeding him or when he wants to relax.

The swaying motion of the swing provides excellent entertainment for babies. There are different kinds of swings for babies of different age groups. Therefore, you need to ensure that you buy the right swing for your baby.

You can opt for battery or electric, moving or fixed, big or small swing based on your requirements.

Regardless of the kind of swing you buy, you should ensure that you buy the one that has all the safety features intact. Swings with wide and strong frames are considered great choices for babies up to 6 months old.

Baby Car Seat

A new addition in the family means upgrading your existing lifestyle to one that is suitable and safe for your baby. Ensure that you get a baby car seat fixed in your car as soon as your baby arrives in this world.

This way, you can ensure that you can keep your baby safe and secured in the vehicle when you have to take him out with you in your vehicle.

Though your car may come with a clear instruction manual about how to fix a baby car seat, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with your authorized dealer for this process.

You cannot take any risk in matters related to your baby’s safety, can you?

Baby Monitor

As new parents, it is quite natural for you to get all jittery about managing your baby. You want to keep a close watch on him even when he is fast asleep in his room on his crib.

A baby monitor can help you get rid of this nervousness to a large extent. Thanks to this monitor, you can keep a close watch over him, even when he is not sleeping near you, and you can be there by his side within seconds when you hear him crying.

You can place the monitor in your baby’s room and connect it with your smartphone so that you can continuously watch over your baby.

While this may not be necessary when your room and your baby’s room are quite close to each other, some parents do invest in them because they don’t want to take any risks with their baby’s safety.

Newborn clothing

Onesies are the best dresses for your newborn. These are very comfortable for your baby.

For starters, it is highly recommended that you stock your baby’s wardrobe with around 6 onesies, 3 pairs of socks, one sweater, one cap, gloves, or mittens (depending upon the climate in your country), 3 blankets, 4 pants or bottom wear and shoes.

You don’t have to buy anything fancy for your baby until he is about 3 to 6 months old. When the climate is very cold, you can dress up your baby in three or four thin layers of clothes, instead of making him wear one set of thick clothing.

Feeding equipment

Of course, you will be breastfeeding your baby until the time he is at least 6 months old; however, that doesn’t mean you will not need bottles or nipples.

Sometimes, when your baby doesn’t suck on to your breast naturally for various reasons, you may have to express your breast milk in a bottle and feed your baby.

After every feed, you have to make your baby burp properly. Sometimes, during this process, your baby may throw up some milk. Therefore, you need to have some clean clothes and bibs always ready by your side.

Grooming needs

You will need a bathtub where you can place your baby carefully while giving him a bath. Investing in a few bath toys is a good idea as these toys will keep your baby engaged while you are bathing him.

Baby bathing bars, shampoos, body lotions, nail clippers, bath towels, baby comb, and brushes are some of the equipment that you have to invest in.

You have to keep your baby’s items separately so that they don’t mix with items that others use.

Medical essentials

You have to have a separate section in your baby’s wardrobe to keep his medicines. A thermometer, fever medications, oral drops, skin ointments, and other basic stuff should form part of your baby’s medicine kit.

Talk to your pediatrician and get an idea about the emergency medicines that you have to keep in your home. You should also write down the dosage that you are allowed to give for each medicine so that you don’t cross this limit at this stage.