Baby High Chair Reviews Top Rated Revealed

Writing these baby high chair reviews has been something of an eye-opener, for there is so much to consider when buying a chair. How old is the child, and do you want a chair that will last a long time or simply for this stage of growth? Does it need to recline, and can the cushions be machine washed? How big is it, and will it fit? And, perhaps most of all at a time when expenditure is somewhat restricted, how much does it cost?

We found that there are a number of brands on the market that offer great products designed to a high standard which are there for comfort and safety of your child, and some are names that will be known the world over. Take Fisher-Price, for example, the very first of our four brands – who hasn’t heard of this world-famous name in terms of children and baby products?

The Fisher-Price range of high chairs is one that covers many avenues and angles – and prices – but it is clear this is a brand that understands what high chairs are all about; well made, with all the safety features expected of something as precious, and well priced, we think that the Fisher-Price range is one you should have a look at without any hesitation.

 For the more upmarket high chair there is Peg Perego, a brand that may not be as instantly recognisable as Fisher-Price but one that is, nevertheless, fully versed in what mothers want. These are stylish and very modern – and often innovative – high chairs that come with a wealth of impressive features and, when all is considered, also at a very good price.

Chicco is well known in the baby products world and has a collection of impressive high chairs that are designed and made to the highest standards; easy to clean and folding away simply and safely, these are well-priced products that are highly thought of in the market and highly recommended by us.

Popular brand Cosco offers a superb selection of budget-priced – yet very good quality – chairs that are beautiful in their simplicity; no gimmicks, no fuss, and no great expenditure is what the Cosco range is all about, and it is well worth a look.

Another famous brand in the world market offering juvenile products is Graco. The high chairs are well designed and ideal to nurture and nourish the infants. Knowing mother’s want and baby’s need Graco is making various stylish and improved models.

Discriminating parents who want wooden high chairs for their kids, the well-known brands like Svan, Stokke, Keekaroo, Lipper etc. came forward to make adjustable and well-priced wood chairs to meet their needs. Svan offers bentwood high chairs of Scandinavian style with a dramatic look.

These baby high chair reviews cover just a small proportion of what is a hotly contested market, and we hope that our choices have gone at least some way to helping you make the right choice.

Fisher-Price Baby High Chair Reviews

Your baby deserves the very best in quality and safety that money can buy, and that is precisely what you are getting from the excellent range of Fisher-Price high chairs.

 A name that is famed throughout the world for its quality children’s and baby goods, Fisher-Price has many years experience in the field and understands that quality and protection are the primary aspects needed in high chair design. With some great designs and superb colours, and a range that covers a wide range of budgets, there is plenty to choose from – we had a look at one model that may interest you.

 Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

baby high chair reviews

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A very innovative design that takes the traditional high chair and updates it for those who do not have a surplus of space, we love the way this one offers all the attributes and comfort expected from more expensive and bigger models without compromise. At $34.99 it makes great sense.

  • Three height adjustments
  • Three recline settings
  • Stay level tray
  • Machine washable soft furnishings
  • Converts from newborn to infant

Superb design and clever packagings are part and parcel of the Fisher-Price ethos, and it shows to a great extent with this superbly priced and very clever design.

You can like Rainforest Deluxe High Chair also to keep baby entertained with removable rainforest toy while you are making baby’s bed, making his food or doing other work. The baby can play with different Rainforest animals in his own way activating music, lights and sounds.

Putting your child in the safe hands of Fisher-Price high chairs is something that you can do with assurance and confidence, for these really are beautifully made chairs that are designed with the safety and comfort of your child in mind, and the prices are very reasonable for such high-quality goods.


Peg Perego High Chairs

The sheer quality found in Peg Perego high chairs is something to behold, with superb attention paid to the all-important aspects of quality and safety while not forgetting the need for good looks and fair prices.

This is a range of top quality chairs that displays an innate understanding of the market and also shows knowledge that mothers want functional items that also look good, and with such a range to choose from it was difficult to narrow down our selection to just three. These are a minor representation of what Peg Perego can do, so we suggest that if these take your eye you need to have a good look at this very stylish and impressive range of child’s high chairs.

Peg Perego Tatamia High Chair

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Brilliant design means this superb chair will last a lot longer than many of its rivals, for it is a true multipurpose device that serves as a chair from a newborn to toddler. Tatamia can be folded into a compact unit.At $399 this is a top-quality offering from one of the most exciting brands on the market.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Baby seat and high chair
  • Also acts as a swing
  • Superb modern design
  • High quality

Great style and superb functions are the selling points for this wonderful and very versatile chair, and you will never need to trade up from baby to infant.

Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair

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Perhaps the classic Peg Perego high chair, this one comes in a variety of classy colors that serve to fit any decor, and is very well equipped.

  • Adjustable footrest
  • Sculpted backrest
  • Easy remove tray
  • Storage net
  • Supplied fully assembled

The quality is what makes this brand stand out in a crowd, and it shows through with this very versatile and superbly made chair that has a lot to offer at the price.

Peg-Perego Prima Pappa High Chair

A traditional style high chair with the Peg Perego touch, this one is very neat and tidy and offers a great deal for the money at a price of $165.21 with free delivery.

  • Seven height positions
  • Up to 36 months
  • Double tray
  • Easy fold
  • Four recline positions

An excellent buy – you get all the quality associated with the brand and a very versatile chair that will last a lifetime, and at a very reasonable price

If you have a little princess and fascination with the Peg Perego brand, this brilliant girlish colored high chair will positively attract you. This baby furniture can satisfy both you and your little one. Click below to get more information and know special offers.

The Peg Perego high chairs range is associated with the very best in quality and style, and all the while provides great protection, comfort and – above all – safety in the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail that has gone into these engaging designs.

Chicco High Chairs

When it comes to buying baby products you need to know that you are paying for quality and you also need to be assured of safety, and with the range of Chicco high chairs you can safely rest assured that both will be part and parcel of the purchase.

 Chicco is a brand that has been around the market long enough to understand exactly what is required in a child’s high chair, and produces a selection of quality chairs that are well made, well priced and very popular indeed. Some brands stand out when it comes to a particular range of items, and we are sure that you will see the excellent choice offered by the three we have chosen to feature here.

Chicco Polly 5 In 1 Highchair

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An excellent and very modern design that is well priced at just $199.99  and comes with a wealth of features designed to keep both baby and mum happy – great styling and superb quality.

  • Seven height adjustments
  • 4 position recline options
  • Five-point harness
  • Easy clean
  • One-hand tray removal

Typical of the Chicco brand is the attention to detail offered with this very impressive high chair, and the quality of the manufacture speaks for itself.

 Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair

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The innovation involved in this superb hook-on design makes it one of the most impressive models in its class, and the perfectly safe and sound mechanism means it will always be secure and great to use. At $89.99 delivered it is also very good value.

  • Three-point harness
  • Single point secure lock
  • Snap-on tray
  • Locks in six positions
  • Folds into a carry bag

Great hook on technology and very attractive design make this one of the cleverest models that we can find, and we love it a great deal.

We believe that Chicco high chairs are among the best in the business; they are sturdy and stylish, well priced and built with a full understanding of the safety and comfort needs of young children, and the three featured are just a few from an extensive collection.

Graco Baby High Chair Reviews

When you are going to purchase a high chair for your baby, it is obvious that you are looking for the best. You are ready to pay for the two main factors, quality and safety. The range of Graco baby high chairs can meet all needs to nourish and nurture your child.

 Graco is one of the renowned brands in the market offering various models and price ranges to satisfy parents or any customer. Knowing exactly what moms need in a high chair for their kids these baby gears are well made with incredible features. Before buying or selecting you to need to know about the quality you are paying for and get assured of safety. As it is hard to choose one from so many, we made a collection of three top-rated chairs of different price ranges for your convenience. Take a look.

Graco Blossom Highchair

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Blossom 4 in 1 high chair by Graco is an ideal baby gear for your growing child. The well-priced chair at $145.99 is great as it converts from infant feeding booster to youth chair. All adjustments can be done with one hand.

  • Includes a removable 3-point harness seat back insert
  • Adjustable 6 height positions and 3 seat recline
  • Removable and adjustable footrest
  • Easy to move with over molded wheels
  • Tray slides easily to get the baby in and out

You will be overwhelmed using this unique designed baby furniture and your little one will get ultimate comfort, enjoyment and safety.


 We put in our best effort to give an idea on a few from the extensive collection of Graco baby high chairs. These are durable, brilliantly designed that fits in any modern decor, comfortable for kids, built with all safety measures and well priced.

Svan High Chairs – Baby High Chair Reviews

Svan is one of the popular brands of Scandinavian Child. Svan high chairs are specially designed with Scandinavian style for the parents who demand the best one. Do you have the same desire? Are you finding a baby high chair made of wood with an outstanding look? Then you have come to right the place to look at.

 Svan blends durability, functionality, comfort and safety with high efficiency. Keeping all baby-needs in mind and for their healthy development, these chairs are crafted in bent Birchwood to give an elegant look. If you want your little one to grow up with confidence and socialize, take a look for our featured collection made for you. We believe that these well priced, long-lasting high chairs will appeal to all discriminating parents. Recommended age is from six months to adulthood.

Wooden High Chairs

Many modern parents prefer wooden high chairs that have a pleasing aesthetic and real-furniture look. You may have the same desire too. Currently, the trend of using eco-friendly materials over plastic is found among the people.

 Therefore, manufacturers of baby products have come forth with a wide range of wood high chairs for kids with classic designs ensuring all important aspects of quality, safety and look that suit any modern decor. There are plenty of wooden baby chairs out there. It is difficult to choose one from such vast ranges of brands and models. For your convenience, we narrowed down our selection to just three from top quality high chairs of different impressive styles and price ranges to get an overall idea.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby High Chair Reviews

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The innovative designed Tripp Trapp wooden chair gained high popularity among stylish parents. The unique style allows your little one to sit at the dining table interacting with the family. To own it at $349 is well worth it.

  • Made of cultivated beechwood
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Footrest and seat height adjust in six different combinations
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Removable extended gliders included

The superb quality and contemporary style make Stokke’s Tripp Trapp distinctive. This great designed high chair fits right into modern lifestyle.

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair, Infant Insert and Tray Combo Baby High Chair Reviews

baby high chair

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This wooden high chair is a blend of style and functionality. This well-priced baby seat just at $199.95 accommodates a child from 6months to 250 pounds. The infant insert is a soft cushion that provides a perfect and safe seat for a baby under 3 years.

  • The USA made infant insert cushion is easy to clean
  • Adjustable seat and footrest
  • Includes food tray and dishwasher-safe tray cover
  • Five color options of the infant insert

The mahogany color in furniture brings a sophisticated look. Your young one will enjoy mealtime being with the family at the table. Height Right high chairs are also available in natural color.

Lipper International High Chair, cherry – Baby High Chair Reviews

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This restaurant-style wooden hi-chair only at $60.74 fits nicely under the lip of a standard dining table and does not take any extra space. Style of the construction with a wide base and leather strap attached to the seat offers a safe seat.

  • Designed for the children ages 1 to 3and1/2 years old
  • Made of durable beech wood with smooth cherry finish
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild cleanser

Although the high chairs in cherry by Lipper international are found mostly in restaurants, it is great at home too. Having a wooden high chair at such a cheap price range is a great deal.

Tripp Trapp high chair by Stokke is very popular among the parents as it is available in a variety of colors with other interesting features like stylish design, quality materials, adjustable and safe. For infants, people frequently buy Stokke Eco-Friendly Tripp Trapp Baby Set and Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion matching with chair color.

The three featured models are just a few from a broad collection. These well priced wooden high chairs increase the level of confidence in kids interacting with adults during mealtime, which is enjoyable for children and parents both. I hope, our utmost effort will help you make the right decision.I hope you enjoyed my baby high chair reviews. Be sure to check out my other reviews here.

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