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Shopping for the best remote controlled airplanes for kids is a bit hard task when there are tons of options available in the market. Flying a plane is the dream of every kid, and to make this dream come true, we have tested and reviewed some of the highly-rated RC planes in the market.

The increase in demand for RC toys has resulted in high prices all over the globe. But there are still many affordable RC planes for kids to buy at the moment. We have always preferred buying branded RC toys instead of wasting our money on Chinese counterparts. This buying guide about top RC planes will help you find the right airplane for your little one according to your budget and preference.

Choosing the Right RC Airplane for Kids

Finding the right RC plane for your kid is a crucial part of your buying journey. If you select a plane that is too advanced or beyond the understanding power of your kid, he or she will become frustrated to throw it away in no time.  On the other hand, an airplane with limited features might also be a boring gift for your kid. So, you have to keep in mind the age and skills of your kid before buying an RC airplane.

Apart from age and skills, there are many other factors to consider at this point. You must consider the area in which your kid loves to fly an airplane. If he or she loves flying a plane outdoors, then you must buy an RC plane with a long-range antenna. Moreover, you have to look out for style, durability. type and price before you select an RC plane. We will discuss all of these crucial buying factors later on in this guide.

Best Remote Controlled Airplanes for Kids  

Best RC airplanes for kids with long battery

 1. Top Race Rc Plane 3 | The Best Overall RC Plane for Beginners

The best Remote controlled airplane for kids

Why We Like It: This RC airplane is an excellent choice for kids who are newbies and don’t have any prior knowledge to fly an airplane.

Age: 8 Years+

Range: 320 feet

Battery Timing: 15 Minutes only (Rechargeable battery)

Style/Type: Aerobatic/Ready to Fly

Channels: 3

Top Race is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the best and affordable remote controlled airplanes for kids. We really like the design and affordable price of TR-C285G as compared to the other planes in the market. Its user-friendly design and interface make it an excellent choice for rookies to do stunts in the air. All you need is to set the beginner mode on the gyro and the aircraft will maneuver without any problem. Once your kid gets used too to the beginner level, he or she can level up the difficulty to perform their own stunts. 

This RC airplane comes with the throttle, elevation, and rudder channel to add more spice to the flying experience. On top of all, Top Race TR-C285G is quite durable when you give it a tough time while landing on hard surfaces. So rough landings and crashes might not be a thing to worry about if you choose this RC plane for your kids.

Lastly, the 3.7V Lithium would keep this plane up in the air for at least 13 to 15 minutes. Well, 15 minutes on a 90 minuted recharge time might not be an amazing figure for some pro kids but keeping in mind the price and features, we can go with it. Buying this RC plane will save you a lot of money and enable your kid to learn the basics of flying a remote control toy.


Easy to Fly
15 Minutes Fly Time
Sturdy Build Quality
3 Channels


Too basic for advanced users

2. Top Race Rc Plane 4 | Best Remote Controlled Plane for the Money

best RC plane for the money

Why We Like It: Most advanced RC plane for the money to do aerobatic stunts in-room or outdoors.

Age: 14+

Style/Type:  Stunt/Ready to Fly

Battery: 360mAh

Channels: 4 (Throttle, Rudder, Elevator, Aileron)
Another masterpiece from Top Race to grace our list of top RC airplanes for kids. The TR-C385 packs more powerful features as compared to the previous C285G model. This remote controlled RC stunt plane for kids comes with 4 channels to add more colors to the flying experience. You can now get your hands on throttle, rudder, elevator, and aileron like a pro. Although the TR-C385 needs you to throw more cash on the table, it still is the top of the line stunt plane to gift your kids on this Christmas

Top Race TR-C385 comes with high maneuverability to do crazy stunts in the sky. If your kid is a beginner and eager to do death-defying stunts, then this RC airplane has got you covered. The remote control allows you to do all the stunts by just the push one button. Moreover, if somehow you crash this airplane in the backyard, you really don’t to worry about finding it into pieces. Yes, the build quality is amazing on this airplane, like it is more sturdy and durable as compared to its previous generation planes. And if some kind of accident happens, the propeller immediately falls off to keep the motor from being damaged.

If we talk about the connectivity of the plane with the remote control, then we found it quite responsive throughout the flight. The signal range is quite good and you don’t have to worry about your plane crashing in a lake or woods. However, we did find a loose connection when you fly the plane too far from the point of take-off.

Moving down to the battery life of Top Race TR-385 RC plane, it packs a 360mAh battery that lasts for at least 20 minutes before need to recharge it again. In case your battery is about to die, you can safely glide your plane back home with a one-touch return button. Rounding off, it is one of the most recommended RC plane for kids that packs hours of fun for beginners and frequent fliers too.


More Stunts

Easy to Fly

4 Channels

One-Touch Return

20 Minutes Flight Time



3. HobbyZone AeroScout S | Best RC Plane For Kids With Longer Battery Life

Kids top RC Planes

Why We Like It: This remote controlled plane allows you to learn the basics of flying and later on tackle the difficult death-defying stunts. A highly recommended learning RC plane for beginners and advanced fliers.

Age: 15 Years+

Style/Stunt: Stunt/Ready to Fly

Channels: 4

Remote Control Range: Wide

Battery: 11.1 V 2200mAh

Although there is no comparison to the top of the line RC airplanes from Top Race. But that doesn’t mean that Top Race is the end of the world. HobbyZone is another top-notch company that makes high-quality RC planes for kids and advanced fliers. One of the most popular remote control planes to hit the market in 2020 was HobbyZone AeroScout S. Now this plane will be the life partner of your kids from the time they learn and to the time when they become expert fliers. The AeroScout S allows your kids to learn the basics of flying and later on perform stunts in the air. 

AeroScout S is the very best that you can buy if you want maximum stabilization, long flying range, and battery life. This RC plane can easily handle crashes and you can join the parts easily if they tear apart. For Rookies, this remote controlled airplane is quite meaningful as it is equipped with Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope to stabilize it without any problem. Once your kid has enough skills to roll on in the skies, he or she can gear up the difficulty level to do jaw opening tricks and stunts.

One of the main reasons through which people differentiate between the quality of remote control toys is battery life. Well, without any doubt, the 2200mAh battery on AeroScout S is the winner when it comes to long flight time. However, it takes a lot of time to recharge before you set off for the flight again. Apart from that, it is an excellent trainer RC plane for kids and pros to learn and do stunts outdoors.


Easy to Handle and Fly

Best for Newbies and Experts

Longer Battery Life and Reception


Long recharge time


4. E-flite UMX Radian BNF | Most Advanced RC Plane Under $100 

Why We Like It: Longer flight time, great maneuverability, and lower price make it an appealing RC plane for kids to enjoy flying.

Age: 14+

Style/Type: Glider/Ready to Fly

Channels: 3

Range: 100 Yards

Battery Life: 8 to 10 Minutes

Apart from its stylish look, the E-flite UMX Radian is the best bang for the buck RC plane in the market. One of its great features lies in the AS3X System that keeps the airplane stable in the air to withstand the effects of strong winds. Although it comes with 3 channel control as compared to the modern 4 channels, it still is a perfect choice for kids who are beginners without any knowledge of flying RC planes.

Another appealing feature of this remote controlled airplane lies in the curved wings. The curved wing structure delivers excellent gliding and lifts throughout the flight. It is worth mentioning at this point that despite its incredibly small size, it performs far better than many famous RC plane brands out there in the market. Although this RC plane is for gliding and basic flying, you can perform small loops with this without any problem.

Furthermore, if we talk about the connectivity of the plane with the controller, then it stays well connected up to 100 yards before losing any signal. And the last thing to mention here is the battery life on the E-flite UMX Radian that packs a Li-Po battery to propel the plane in the air for 8 to 10 minutes. However, if you are a frequent flier, then you might be able to fly it for 15 minutes.


Best for Newbies



No Stunts

A Bit Expensive

5. CrazePony RC Airplane | Best 2 Channel RC Airplane in the Market

Top RC Plane for kids and teens

Why We Like It: Durable design and lightweight RC airplane for beginners at an affordable price.

Age: 14+

Style/Type: Glider/Ready to Fly

Channels: 2

Battery: 3.7V 450mAh (40 minutes fly time)

Range: 150m

2 Channel remote control planes might not be suitable for jaw-dropping stunts, but these are quite good at learning flying skills. Made up of light materials, the CrazePony RC plane is excellent for newbie pilots to soar the sky without any problem. The EPP materials add more durability to the entire structure of the plane enabling it to withstand crashes while landing.

It comes with improved 2.4 GHz connectivity so smooth flight up to 150m. On top of all, the 3-axis gyroscope keeps the plane stable to fly in gusty winds. The affordable price range and easy-to-use interface make it a perfect RC airplane for beginners kids and teens.


Light Weight

Easy Assembly

Up to 40 Minutes Flight Time


Lacks stunts and advanced controls

6. Tempest 600 EP RTF Aircraft | Best Budget RC Aircraft for Kids 

Cheap Remote control aircraft for kids

Why We Like It: Cheap price and easy to use interface

Age:  15+

Style/Type: Novice Flight / Ready to Fly

Channels: 4

Battery:  3.7V 300mAh

Well, here is the best chance for your kids to build RC airplane flying skills. With Tempest 600 EP flying fun and learning new skills at the same time. It comes with the Pilot Assist software for beginners to learn the basics of flying. As soon as your kids learn about the primary rules of flying, they can switch on to advanced level for a solo flying experience.

The 2.4GHz connectivity control allows you to keep in touch with your plane throughout the flight. Moreover, the 300mAh battery is suitable enough to last the plane in the air for more than 10 minutes. Its lightweight material and durable construction make it easy enough for kids to control the plane while landing and take off. We highly recommend this RC plane to beginners who have no prior experience of flying RC planes.


Pilot Assist Mode

Light Material

Long Battery Life


Nothing yet

Things to Consider While Buying Remote Control Airplanes for Your Kids

Before you choose any of these remote controlled planes, it is important to know about the factors that come with them. The RC aircraft come in different styles, types, sizes, price tags, brands, etc. So you have to know about these crucial factors before buying the appropriate one.


So basically there are two types of remote controlled planes available in the market. One type is the model airplane and the other one is the Ready-to-Go (RTF) type. You might have noted that we have only listed the Ready-to-Go products on our list. As the name suggests, Ready-to-Go types are already set to take off without any assembly. All you need is to hop in the batteries and you are ready for the takeoff. For children up to 15 years, it is highly recommended to stick with the Ready-to-Go type as it is easier to control and interface.

For older kids,  model airplanes are a great option as it has a more complex interface and options. However, these types of RC planes requires assembly due to their massive size.


RC airplanes come in different styles from basic gliders to jet fighters. So it is important to ask your child about the style he wants to adopt while flying the airplane.


Age plays a great role in selecting the right toys for your kids. You definitely want to gift a 12-year-old kid with a basic airplane that does not have stunt features. Similarly, 4 years old kid might smash a stunt plane in someone’s window due to a complex interface. So it is important to see the age requirements on the label before you opt for the product.


Remote Controlled toys are often exposed to crashes that result in the malfunctioning of the product. If your kids have smashed a few planes in the past, then it is better to find buy him the one that is cheaper and smashproof. For kids who have good control over flying RC aircraft can go for expensive products that are not as durable as they look.


The remote controlled aircraft come at a price ranging from $20 to $200. It is up to you to opt for the RC plane that falls under your household budget. Cheap remote control planes might not have surplus features and may break upon impact. On the other hand, expensive RC planes come with longer battery life, more controls, stunts, etc.


We always opt to go for a brand instead of throwing cash on cheap products. Brands offer products with higher quality and features as compared to non-branded products. When it comes to the RC airplanes for little ones, we emphasize choosing brands like CrazePony, Top Race, Tempest, VolantexRC, HobbyZone if you want a high quality remote controlled aircraft for your kid.

Final Words 

So, these were some of the best remote controlled airplanes for kids to learn basic and advanced flying within the vicinity of the home. We highly recommend going with Top Race RC planes as they are cheaper and pack advanced features that are easier for kids to master in no time. Let us know in the comments section about your reviews and thoughts about RC aircraft brands that you prefer for your kids.

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