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Choosing the best present for 1 year old boy is a bit difficult when you don’t know much about his liking or disliking. Kids at the age of one year become toddlers and want something to explore more than playing with their infant toys. Therefore, you must find a present that helps your little one to learn and explore the world around him.

best present for 1 year old boy

You must find a present that not only offers fun but also promotes cognitive and physical development at the same time. For this purpose, we outreached parents and moms to know what presents toddlers loved on their first birthday, Christmas, or any other family event. We have included most of those toys and gifts here in our buying guide.

Top Presents for 1 Year-Old-BoyReason to BuyRating
GUND Kai Teddy BearBed time buddy♥♥♥♥♥
Radio Flyer Classic Walker WagonSafe, Durable, and Affordable ♥♥♥♥♥
Battat – Wooden Activity CubeUnlimited fun & Learning♥♥♥♥♥
Learning Resources PeekabooBasic learning & Imaginative play♥♥♥♥♥
Fat Brain Toys Dimpl DigitsCognitive development and fun♥♥♥♥♥
Busy BuggyStrengthens leg muscles♥♥♥♥♥

20 Best Present for 1 Year Old Boy

Top 20 Best Present for 1 Year Old Boy

Here are some of our top picks when it comes to the best gift ideas and presents for 1 year old boy. From simple riding toys to adorable teddy bears, you will find all that makes up a great gift for a toddler.

1. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

present for 1 year old boy

We know boys love wheels right from the early days of their life. This Classic Walker Wagon from Radio Flyer shows up as the best gift that you can offer to a 1 year old boy. It is one of the best sit to stand toys to help your little one master the art of walking.

The wagon comes with a large storage cart in which little ones can store their favorite toys while on the move. On top of all, we really loved the durable wood design that surely last for years without breaking apart.

It comes with resistance clickers and grippy tyres for maximum safety. And there is a front cushion bumper to protect this walker crashing into nearby objects.

The Radio Flyer Walker Wagon is an ideal present for a 1 year old boy as it helps him take his first tiny steps.

2. Battat – Wooden Activity Cube

ideal gift toy for one year old

This wooden activity cube from Battat provides fun and learning at the sametime. Your little boy will learn about different farm animals by interacting with this colorful activity cube set. The cube comes with farm theme and bead sliders on the top section.

The sides of the cube include peek-a-boo doors to keep your little one busy day. With tons of different parts to move and spin, your one-year-old boy will surely love this present to explore the new world. Activity cubes serve as the best fun and learning toys for 1 year old boys.

3. Learning Resources Peekaboo Learning Farm

leanring presents for 1 year old boy

Learning resources manufactures the best learning toys kids in the market. One of them is this Peekaboo learning farm that includes 5 different farm animals each having different barn.

Little ones can enjoy hiding the animals in the barn and learn the art of sorting and counting from the early stage of their life. The set also triggers imaginative play in kids.

4. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits

amazing gifts for 1 year old kids

Fat brain toys is one of the most famous brands out there when it comes to find the best present for younger kids.

We love including the products from Fat Brain as they are unique in design and made up of durable materials. Same is the case with Dimpl Digits, its simple and clean design packs more fun and learning for kids.

The toy includes different colored bubbles from one to ten making up the shape of a flower. Dimpl Digits promote hand to eye coordination and cognitive development in kids. Little ones learn about different numbers while having fun.

5. Busy Buggy

Most gifted 1 year old toys

Another masterpiece from Radio Flyer, the famous Busy Beep ride on toy is the most favorite toy of 1 year old boys. Little ones can ride on this toy and push it forward with the help of their legs. Ride on toys are excellent in promoting the physical health as they strengthen the leg muscles.

This walker also help the little ones to stand and walk on the their feet. Once they are confident enough to walk, they can ride and steer it anywhere they want.

6. pipSquigz

famous gift presents for younger kids age 1 year

Squiz are one of the favorite toys of toddlers as they easily stick to different surfaces. Moreover, the textures on these soft plastic toys gives comfy touch to the little hands.

Fat Brain pipSquiz can easily be attached to baby stroller while travelling or on a baby car seat. These squiz are made up of BPA-free plastic and are safe for teething kids by all means.

7. GUND Kai Teddy Bear

The top presents for 1 year old boy and girl

If you really dont know what to gift your 1 year old on his birthday, then we highly recommend you surprise him with this adorable teddy bear. Your kiddoo will love playing with this soft huggable teddy bear all day. Get your little one ready for big bear hugs!!!

This 12-inch teddy bear is made up of soft and plush fabric that can be easily washed. It is super soft and makes up a perfect gift for one year old boy on his first birthday or christmas.

8. Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

perfect present for little boys

This sit to stand walker is one of the most bought walkers in the United States and Canada. Melissa & Doug is one of the most known toy brands that make quality gifts and toys for kids. This Alligator Push Toy makes clacking sounds as the toddlers push it.

Furthermore, this walker helps the little one to take his first tiny steps. This toy walker is the perfect gift for 12 month old kids as they develop their motor skills.

9. Basket of Babies

Kids at the age of 1 year love to pretend play. Basket of babies allows your little one to take care of their toy babies as their parents go away. Kids can also change the outfit with these adorable babies as well. These set of dolls encourage your kid to build necessary skills of life like caring and nurturing.

10. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

lovely gifts for 1 year old kid

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker is the award winning toys for toddlers. Little ones can use it as a walker or as a ground play toy. The front panel with piano keys and spinners can be seperated from the walkers. Once they learn the art of walking, it can be attached back with the walker.

This sit to stand walker serves as the best present for 1 year old boy as it packs lots of features like music, lights, shapes, spinners, etc.

11. LeapFrog My Pal Violet

best gift ideas for toddler boys

This cute looking puppy from LeapFrog comes with an application that learns about the favorite activities of your child. The puppy also calls the name of your child with the help of the built-in application. Moreover, it also sings 40+ melodies and lullabies for day and nighttime.

Furthermore, this adorable puppy will let your kid learn about the basic words and counting while playing. You can connect this toy with your smartphone to personalize it the way your little one loves it.

All of these advanced features make this toy puppy one of the coolest gifts for 1 year old boy on his birthday.

12. Green Toys Shape Sorter

Top present for kid's first birthday

Sorting out the puzzle help in the cognitive development of kids. Shape sorting is a fun activity that kids love the most as they grow up. Shape sorting also helps in the development of problem-solving skills in younger kids. Green Toys Shape Sorters are made of safe materials with no sharp edges.

Made up of BP-free plastic, these shape sorters with bright colors and different shapes help in improving eye to hand coordination among 1-year-old kids. The package consists of 2 elliptical shaped sorters and 8 different basic shapes.

This shape sorter serves as the best gift for 1 year old boy for indoor and outdoor play.

13. Grimm’s 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker 

ideal toys for 1 year old kids

You might have seen this bright-colored rainbow stacker in Montessori classes. This beautiful rainbow playset triggers imaginative play in kids. Little ones can create different objects with this vibrant colored stack set.

Stacking is one of the most favorite activities of younger kids. We think your 1 year old boy will definitely love this present on this first birthday.

14. Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano 

music gift toys for 1 yesr old kid

The first birthday is the right time to surprise your little boy with a musical gift. With Learn to Play Piano allows your kid to unveil the hidden artist within. Your 1 year old will love smashing the wide keys on this piano.

The piano comes in a wooden casing with 2 octaves and 25 keys. It is made up of durable materials to last for years. It is quite easy to play for little fingers and comes with guide book to play different melodies.

15. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

best toys and gift ideas for 12 months old boy

Toys that flash and make sound get more attention from kiddo. Magic cube makes different instrumental sounds upon tapping on each side. The famous instruments include flute, violin, french horn, and harp. You can also tap on the Orchestra to play all instruments and lights at once.

The Magic Cube is made up of soft and rounded corners providing maximum safety for your little one. It would be a great idea to gift this toy to 1 year old kid on Christmas or birthday. Magic cube let the kiddo learn about the cause-effect relationship with poping lights and instrumental sounds.

16. Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Doll

best christmas presents for kids 1 year of age

Another plush to grace our list of the best present for 1 year old boys. No doubt, plush toys are ideal gifts for toddlers and younger kids. Little ones can squeeze the tummy of this baby shark to listen to 4 verses of the song. It makes up a great cuddle toy for 12 months old kid due to its soft and comfy fabric.

17. Baby GUND Flappy The Elephant 

gift ideas of 12 month old baby boy

This plush elephant toy can make up a great present not for only boys, but also for 1 year old girls. Tap over one foot and it sings, tap on the other one it plays peekaboo. Your little one will love playing it over and over again. With just a single touch, Flappy comes to life with its ear flapping to entertain the baby.

18. Doona – Liki Trike S3

Most amazing gift ideas for younger kids age 1

Although the Doona Liki Trike S3 comes at a higher cost, it is the best present to buy for a one year old buy due to its multiple features. You can either put your kiddo inside it and use it as a stroller or you can let the kid use it as a tricycle.

Once your little one is confident enough to ride the tricycle, you can take off the handle and canopy. It is one of the most compact and foldable trikes for 1 year old kids in the market.

It is very easy to fold and store in the trunk of your car while traveling. Moreover, it is easy to steer for both parents and kids due to the dual steering system.

19. Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe

top gift for toddlers age 1

Cars from Little Tikes have been entertaining kids for years. Cozy Coupe can be gifted to kids who have just turned 1. Kids can use their feet to scout this car forward. By doing so, also helps kiddos to grow their leg muscles.

This little vehicle is made up of durable plastic and can be used indoors and outdoors. The grippy tires give good traction on concrete and slippery surfaces.

20. Kid Trax Silly Skaters Unicorn

best gift and toy ideas for 12 month old boy and girl

This adorable ride-on unicorn toy is highly recommended for kids 1 year old. This inflatable unicorn with roller skates can be gifted to 12 months old kids on a birthday or any other event.

The roller skates come with LED that lit up upon motion. Made up of soft and durable material, it will last for generations. The package comes with an air pump for easy inflation.

Final Lines

So these were some of the best presents for 1 year old boy to gift on birthday, Christmas or any event. Let us know which one of these your little loved the most.

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